FKA twigs produces her own fragrance

FKA twigs выпускает собственный аромат

When Robert Pattinson started a romance with British singer FKA Twigs, her name and her activities were little known. But, after a time, Talia Barnett (the name of a Briton) has acquired almost more popular than her lover.

The singer always had its special style, thanks to what became the protagonist of several advertising campaigns. Now the Waist she decided to create something unique.

With the support of young American brand House of Matriarch, Barnett gathered to release your own fragrance.

Cooperation for both sides is not new. Earlier the Waist already ordered the manufacture of perfume for private use.

Now a personal perfume FKA twigs will be replicated and available to everyone. However, it is not clear whether this is the same scent, which is used by itself Waist, or a brand new smell.

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