Five warming masks to stay warm this fall

Пять согревающих масок, чтобы не замерзнуть этой осенью

In the fall and I want to hide a warm blanket, brew a fragrant tea, to pick up the book and… apply a warming mask to the face. It’s just about the last paragraph — talks about the most effective masks, which under the action of temperature helps the pores to open up, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Purifying mask with red and white clay with a warming effect Skin Needs, “L’etoile” (149 rubles)

The texture of the face mask from “L’etoile” is similar more likely to the batter for pancakes. However, the structure is not flour, and is known for its healing properties of red and white clay. Apply to damp skin and after a couple of minutes you feel a slight warmth (for a special effect thanks to the glycol). Keep for 10-15 minutes, wash off with warm water and the output is not over-dried and tightened the skin and clean and even slightly damp.

Пять согревающих масок, чтобы не замерзнуть этой осенью

Mask with charcoal Charcoal Self Heating One Minute Mask, Biore (about 400 rubles)

Mask with charcoal promises to literally melt the black dots. Upon contact with water, the tool heats up, opening the pores and pulling impurities, then cools leaving skin soft and supple. The main difference from the analogues of the mask — exposure time. It will take a minute to do its job (leave it a little longer is not advised).

Пять согревающих масок, чтобы не замерзнуть этой осенью

Face mask with bamboo charcoal Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores, Origins (1 050 rubles)

Mask with bamboo charcoal Clear Improvement — Origins bestseller. Among the ingredients of Chinese white clay with absorptive properties, the lecithin, which has a calming effect and bamboo charcoal that removes impurities. Many write that this “laborer” as the vacuum cleaner literally pulls all the content since. To rinse, will have to try (and use a sponge), but what effect!

Пять согревающих масок, чтобы не замерзнуть этой осенью

Warming mask to cleanse pores Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack, Caolion (1 890 rubles)

The founder of the Korean brand Jin Yong Zhu for a long time unsuccessfully sought for your problem skin a means, not causing irritation and redness. Therefore, from 1995 began to produce them myself. As part of the tools you won’t find dyes, fragrances, mineral oils, alcohol, parabens and other chemical ingredients that cause allergic reactions. Bestsellers Caolion masks are clay-based. Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack razmarivaet the skin (warning: she cooks notably) and its mineral water, coal dust and volcanic ash cleanse your pores.

Пять согревающих масок, чтобы не замерзнуть этой осенью

Mask “for the face Bath 50°C” Organic Kitchen (109 rubles)

This steamed mask promises to open a second breath to your skin. Despite the low price, the makeup she has: organic tea tree oil responsible for anti-inflammatory effects, oil of chamomile and fresh lavender, which soothe the skin. For some 20 minutes, the mask removes all roughness, redness and Shine. The consistency of the tool more like a scrub with fairly large particles and grains of salt, so ideal for sensitive skin since it is necessary to be more careful.

Пять согревающих масок, чтобы не замерзнуть этой осенью

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