Five penalties, one victory: women Dmitry Marjanova

Пять промахов и одна победа: женщины Дмитрия Марьянова About two years ago, the famous actor broke up with single status. His wife was Ksenia BICK, with whom he lived before the wedding, three years in a civil marriage. The couple has a daughter Anfisa. However, until then the movie star met with many other famous beauties.
Пять промахов и одна победа: женщины Дмитрия Марьянова

Sunday passed away, the actor Dmitry Maryanov. The man died at the age of 47 years. Presumably, the cause of death was detached thrombus. Colleagues and friends leave words of condolence to his widow Xenia BIK. Mar’yanov met with the chosen one about seven years ago, but the couples wedding took place only in 2015. However, before that he had many stormy romances with other famous women. “StarHit” recalls all the Hobbies of the actor.

Over the rainbow: stars can’t believe the death of Dmitry Marjanova

Before the Maryanov met Xenia, he had five civil wives. The first unofficial wife of the actor was Tanya Skorokhodova. They met while studying at the Shchukin school. The couple lived together in a Dorm for three years. However, they often had conflicts because Dimitri liked to drink with friends. Tatiana really wanted to marry a suitor, but after a while, her patience ran out. The separation of the pair was very painful.

“Despite what happened in the past, Dima continued to talk. He has been in our house in Irkutsk, when he came here on tour, met my husband. Dima knew how I to him with warm feelings. Last time we talked in the spring, he was so excited, saying, “I lost weight, active in sports, plenty of plans!” – Skorokhodov told reporters a few hours after the news of the death of the actor.

Пять промахов и одна победа: женщины Дмитрия Марьянова

Marianowo always liked bold girls. In the mid-90s, he met a bright model Olga Anosova, who worked in a fashion House on Kuznetsky most. In a relationship with Dmitri, the model had a son, Daniel. A few months after the appearance of the baby born Maryanov stopped to spend the night at home. Tired of this life, Olga broke up with the father of the child.

“Dima, I’ll always be eternally grateful. He gave me the main thing in life of the child. We have maintained a very warm friendship. And even consult with each other about our second halves,” – said in an interview Anosov.
Пять промахов и одна победа: женщины Дмитрия Марьянова

The third chosen one of Dmitry was the actress Eugenia Hirivskaya-Brick. The couple met about five years, but the actor never asked her to marry me. Presumably, the couple broke up due to the fact that in the life of Brick appeared Valery Todorovsky, who was very persistent and serious towards the girl.

In the press there was talk that the Maryanov changes women every three years. Another passion of the actor was the dancer Olga Zelenkova. The girl went with him on tour and shooting.

Пять промахов и одна победа: женщины Дмитрия Марьянова“The girl hasn’t imagined and as soon as she has Dimka, he sat down on his neck. Stopped working. Just did that trying to clean up” – so spoke about it Amosov.
Пять промахов и одна победа: женщины Дмитрия Марьянова

Dmitry was not willing to tolerate jealousy, and soon broke up with Olga. During participation in the project “Ice age”, he met with figure skater Irina Lobacheva. At that moment, she was going through a divorce with Ilya Averbuch. At first Irina and Dmitri were friends, and then between them there were romantic feelings. But, realizing that the actor is not going to marry, Lobacheva broke up with him.

Ex-wife of Ilya Averbukh called the true cause of the break up with him

Пять промахов и одна победа: женщины Дмитрия Марьянова

About seven years ago Maryanov met Xenia BIC, which managed to marry him to himself. The artist was on tour in Odessa. During a speech Maryanov stared at the girl, and after the show invited to the concert Gosha Kutsenko in one of the clubs. The actor was persistent in his courtship, but the BIC behaved decently and not like other fans, ready to spend the night with the star.

Two weeks later, Dmitry was invited Xenia to Moscow. For 23-year-old girl this visit to the capital was the first. It was a whirlwind romance. Despite the fact that Dmitry was popular among women, he chose Xenia.

Two years later, the BIC gave birth to the actor child. However, the woman did not confess that the father is Dimitri.

The adopted daughter of Dmitry Marjanova was his own

“When we had a daughter, the first time she lived with me in Kharkov. Because our Union has long remained a mystery to all, in the press there were rumors that it was my “child from the first marriage.” The situation we have never commented, but Anfisa – daughter of Dima, and Dima was her father!” – said Xenia.

Since the birth of the baby Maryanov helped Xenia Finance, however, the woman raised the child alone. Dmitry lived in Moscow and only occasionally visited in Kharkov. After the registration of marriage in September 2015, the actor admitted Anfisa.

On materials of “Express-Gazeta” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.