Five naive questions about the robbery of Kim Kardashian

Пять наивных вопросов об ограблении Ким Кардашьян

Robbing the stars of the reality in Paris was a real shock. After all, it happened when Kim was in her own apartment. But the guards, alarms, and, in the end, the locks on the doors? The editors of Woman’s Day have found the answers to five of the most popular questions.

Where was the bodyguard?

Star once boasted on Instagram that she is guarded by a Pro – master judo Pascal Dower. He saved Kim from the importunate kisses of Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Seduce. But after the robbery he received all the wrath of fans. Where he was when Kim was really in danger?

As it turned out, that night, Kardashian sent Pascal in a night club to look after the sisters. Because the girls in any establishment to be the center of attention.

How the criminals got in the room?

The script is well known: five men in masks approached the house in the centre of Paris where Kim rented the apartment. Threatening with a pistol, tied up the Concierge, after which the two went to the apartment of a star…

And then the question immediately arises: what about the door? After all, even the most experienced robbers will need no less than three minutes to deal with the lock. And this time, Kim would be more than enough to call the police. But it turned out that there was no forced entry – the door of the robbers key opened frightened for his life Concierge, and the star did not immediately understand what was happening.

Why is the house not had protection?

Kim, for obvious reasons, not fond of hotel rooms. After all, in any big hotel with armed guards, Yes a framework of metal detectors star and only had to sign autographs.

But because that has been three years since Kim rents a Suite. And despite the Regal lofts, one of the guards in the house only one Concierge. By the way, the constancy of the stars in terms of residency and made it easier for criminals: according to the police, they were preparing, knowing where to stop star.

Where the mother and children Kim?

As you know, fashion Week in Paris, Kardashian arrived with her mother, sisters and children. Well, even if the sisters had fun at the club, then where was everyone else? And why is Kim in the room turned out to be one?

In fact, in apartments with Kim was her friend Simone. Girls together visited the Givenchy show, had supper and got back in the luxury loft of the family Kardashian.

Simon settled on the first floor, but because the robbers did not notice it. When she heard the screams Kim, then went into the bathroom and called bodyguard Pascal. He was on the scene within two minutes.

But Kris Jenner along with her grandchildren slept in another house.

Why didn’t the neighbors notice?

The robbers acted on a clear pattern: the two went inside, the three of left guard on the street. Plus all the robbery lasted no more than 5 minutes. The frightened weeping Kim she showed the jewelry box and expensive smartphones.

Trifles and to waste time removing jewelry from Kim herself, the thieves did not. In addition, the incident occurred at night, when the street had few people. And neighbors because of the large area of the loft can and does count on your fingers.