Пять муз для мужского мастера My meeting with the photographer for which the representatives of the stronger sex is not only a tool but also a source of inspiration. Acting as a model for the 21-year-old Krista Sudmalis, I do not regret the time spent.

      Пять муз для мужского мастера

      Photographer, Muscovite Krista Sudmalis (name real), incredibly beautiful, graceful girl, because of my braces a little shy. Yes, and ask her to smile if she tells a complex concept of his work “Heaven and Hell”, which gave 36 hours of life.

      Пять муз для мужского мастераC fifteen years, I became fascinated with photography and became where-that to go, because, he said, to learn from the photographer stupid – either it’s this or not. A Nude male nature, I always drew in school, which, of course, surprised the teachers.—
      Embodied girlish dreams of a Prince?
      Пять муз для мужского мастераNo, in these tales I did not believe and do not believe that head to figure me very much interested. First of all attracted to the anatomy of the male body and not from the point of view of sexuality. The texture of the muscles of the stronger sex, the play of light and shadow – that is my object of art. And if I were shooting men in pretty mediocre form…
      Пять муз для мужского мастера
      What is it like?
      Пять муз для мужского мастераAny thoughts, ideas, naked ordinary citizens. And after a trip to Paris (abroad I was only in Lithuania and France) suddenly received a feeling of the atmosphere. The male body is to me the tool that reflect on its surface the greatest precision, but at the same time, the infinite changeability of light and shadow as metaphors of my feelings. Girls for Commerce I also sometimes take pictures, take pictures paired, but if I had my way, would work only with men. Love – and without context, and the scandalous painting – to remove once the two men. Then, of course, run the risk of being inundated with an avalanche of accusations of pretentiousness, but I’m not going nobody to convince of anything, do what I want, I’m a male master.
      Пять муз для мужского мастера
      Who are your models?
      Пять муз для мужского мастераAthletes, musicians, actors, often photographed friends. But the basic models I have five – five of the muses, as I call them. Five male types, which I’ve chosen very meticulously.—
      Imagine the feelings of lover a girl like you, or is it also an athlete with the body of Apollo?
      Пять муз для мужского мастераArthur is one of my muses, he’s a dentist and a very creative person.
      Пять муз для мужского мастера
      Why do you only work in the genre of black-and-white photos?
      Пять муз для мужского мастераFor me in the palette lies the most important metaphor, and I believe grey. It is not only a lot of the deepest shades, gray is the Keeper of the symbolic meaning that expresses a balance and struggle between the two opposites – black and white. I have no other way to turn man’s soul inside out and to demonstrate the inconsistency of our nature.
      Пять муз для мужского мастера
      You are only 21 years old, the age of Grand plans.
      Пять муз для мужского мастераExcessive ambitions I have, but want to work with the most famous models, the model which the whole world knows. And it’s nice that many of them, spoiled by the best photographers, such a positive reaction on my pictures. And plan to shoot short films, videos without words on an important theme for me. The problem is that I am a categorical opponent of the commercialization of art and understand what to do that I will have.—
      And what would be your first film?
      Пять муз для мужского мастераOnce I loved the story Marquez “eyes of a blue dog”. Incredible story! But how to convey it visually?! Think about it constantly.