“First the divorce, then the wedding!”: Maxim Shchegolev pushed Theon Dolnikova ultimatum

«Сначала развод, потом свадьба!»: Максим Щеголев выдвинул Теоне Дольниковой ультиматум
The singer will introduce the actor with his American husband.

Theon Dolnikova and Maksim Shcheglov son

Photo: @dollydolnikova Instagram Teona Dolnikova

Family life Maxim Shchegolev and Teona Dolnikova, as it turned out, has much in common with the script of an action movie. Recently, the actor set out to make his beloved proposal of marriage, suddenly, found out… Theon already married!

The artist found her husband, who live in the United States. The marriage took place overseas and, according to Dolnikova, has no power in Russia. But Maxim this state of Affairs is still not satisfied. He insists on divorce Teona and her American husband. Furthermore, he refuses to marry the mother of his young son until, until it will not dissolve your marriage.

Wedding Teona and a mysterious American took place a few years ago. To apply for a divorce, she was going many times, but the star of the musicals never “got around” to in order to become officially become a free woman. Dolnikova said that her husband ended the relationship on a good note. She is friends with my parents-in-law and often with them calls up. Now Theon wants to introduce her husband Maxim. To do this, they together fly to the States.

“We’ll come to America with Maxim, that he met with Josh and his entire family. In my life there are no people with whom I am in some kind of hostile relationship, thank God. Josh absolutely amazing family, his parents love me, write every day, asking how Luke, like max!” told him OK.