First selfie Galkin and Pugacheva created a furor in the Network

Первое селфи Галкина и Пугачевой произвело фурор в Сети The stars showed tremendous harmony in relationships. Fans of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin not get tired amazed at how wonderful they look and charge others with their positive energy.

      Первое селфи Галкина и Пугачевой произвело фурор в Сети

      Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin does not very often share with the public touching family photographs, so every picture posted artists, causes a storm of emotions from fans of the star couple. Recently, microblog showman appeared in a selfie with his beloved wife. He captured the moment when he was on the road with his wife. “Home!” – posted by Maxim on Instagram.

      Social media users were impressed by the stunning appearance of celebrities. They also admired the idyll that reigns in the relations of stars. According to many, Alla and Maxim are the perfect couple that never ceases to delight fans with their creativity and excellent mood. “Cool”, “Great happiness”, “This love happens one in a million”, Not “life”, “beautiful”, “We love you. Raduyte us often with pictures”, “Wife younger every day”, “Always waiting for your joint selfi”, “Alla is just super. Very good”, “Cool”, “Fun, playful”, “you look nice”, “Wonderful”, “I Wish all the ladies to meet the same man,” was discussed by the fans Pugacheva and Galkin.

      Previously, the entertainer was sharing and other great moments of family life. Huge delight of fans of Maxim Galkin has caused a funny video in which his little son Harry teaches the rules of the road driving. Interestingly, the role of the DPS with whom your child communicates, played his famous dad.

      The heir Pugacheva and Galkin were moved by the driving skills

      Note that on Saturday, April 15, Diva celebrates her birthday. For a long time Alla Borisovna has not ceased to give joyful emotions of the fans who consider her the Queen of Russian show-business. On the eve of the celebrity has shared with journalists the secrets of beauty. According to singer, the appearance of a person depends on his internal state. The actress urged all girls to think about it.

      In addition, Pugacheva has told that she simply has no time for sufferings and experiences. Alla never gets discouraged and continues to charge the surrounding positive energy and to inspire them. Many familiar celebrities are happy to quote her, admiring the wisdom of the prima Donna. So, when is a star said to Philip Kirkorov: “I don’t live by memories”. In a recent interview, the singer told about what took this expression note that in the future constantly refer to it.