First person: Julia Savicheva first told about newborn daughter

От первого лица: Юлия Савичева впервые рассказала о новорожденной дочке
The singer hinted at health problems.

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Instagram Yulia Savicheva

Last week the family of Yulia Savicheva has got a new addition. About the birth of the singer’s daughter Anna first told the producer stars — Maxim Fadeev. He also published the first photo of the baby. Julia also has refrained from comments about this vitally important event. Only a few days later Savicheva dared to speak with fans on the delicate subject. In social networks, it published a letter to her daughter.

“Good morning, my baby! You are now very small, and likely don’t understand our joy and pride, but the day will come and you read this message. You might be surprised how many people were waiting, how many people have you greeted. How long we have worked, — the message says Julia. — How much strength and nerves had been spent in order to say you today good morning! We wish you health and joy. Be happy and loved. All the rest is vanity and excess. Welcome to this world! We hope you’ll like it here! There are no words to describe our love and our joy!”

Fans of the artist, carefully read written Savicheva came to the conclusion that her pregnancy may have proceeded with complications. This idea came from the phrase Yulia that the appearance Anne asked for a large supply of energy and nerves. Anyway, even if some difficulties exist, now life of the actress and her daughter is not in danger. This information was confirmed by the father of Julia. He, incidentally, was the first who revealed the name of the newborn girl.