First husband, Jasmine became a defendant in high-profile cases of fraud

Первый супруг Жасмин стал фигурантом громкого дела о мошенничестве The man was in the centre of a financial scandal. He owed a huge sum of money allocated for the construction of a residential complex, to multiple companies. Funds are recognized as missing.

      Recently, the public was stirred up news: former Deputy singer Jasmine Vyacheslav Semenduev again accused of fraud. The interior Ministry filed a case and the theft of five million dollars lent to a friend is the founder of “Russian Radio” Sergey Arkhipov for the construction of a large-scale project in the prestigious district of Sochi.

      According to ATC CAO, the funds were transferred to the personal account of the businessman, and the accounts of companies controlled by the persons from the nearest environment of men. The lawyer of the victim Sergey Slobodjanik told the channel “Moscow 24” about how everything was actually.

      “At the end of November 2007 Sergey Arkhipov gave a loan to his good friend, businessman Vyacheslav E. Semendueva five million dollars for construction of residential houses in Sochi. The loan agreement was interest free, no collateral, because Sergey thought Vyacheslav E. extremely honest person and a close friend.”

      Interestingly, apartments in the elite house can be purchased now. Price starts from 13 million. By agreement to repay the ex-husband of the star was back in 2008, but to this point he only returned 15 percent. Media Manager Sergey Arkhipov wrote a letter to a former friend. “I won the case, after which came his representative and said, “You’ll get nothing. Or are we going to pay 30 thousand rubles a month.”

      But this is not the only case. A few years ago to implement the plan, conceived by the company “Newland”, attracted other investors. According to documents published on the website of the Arbitration court of Moscow, a few months ago, the firm Semendueva sued another company – “Metalica limited” (Republic of Cyprus). It turned out that the owners of “Newland” officially abolished the Agency, and information on absence of debts. The injured party is required to recognize this decision null and void because the procedure was violated – there are confirmed records of debt. The claim was satisfied.

      In addition, the document provides several more-payment company Semendueva. “Protocol on the status of the debt from 01.09.2014, 31.03.2015, is made by and between KOO “Herodius holdings limited” (the lender) and OOO “Newland” (borrower) confirmed the indebtedness of the borrower in the size 6 999 352 USD 10 cents,” reads the website of the Arbitration court.

      The audience is already familiar with Vyacheslav: in 2006 the entire country was discussing his divorce with the singer Jasmine. The gap was accompanied by a huge scandal – the actress accused him of the brutal beating and wrote the application. The case was closed because the man paid for moral damage one million dollars. The couple have a son Michael.