Пожары в Калифорнии разрушили дома знаменитостей

In California, USA, raging raging fires that have already claimed the lives of more than a dozen people. This fire is called one of the deadliest in California history. The smoke from the raging forest fires visible for 100 km Per day light up to 26 thousand hectares. From forest fires affects not only ordinary people but also celebrities who sometimes seem so lofty for ordinary people.

Пожары в Калифорнии разрушили дома знаменитостей

The stars of the districts affected by the fire, evacuate and take your family. One of the victims has become a famous actor with Scottish roots, Gerard Butler, better known for her role in the movie “300”. His posh house and cars were in Malibu, but were now black with debris. It was discovered by the actor Saturday night, after returning home. “He returned to his home in Malibu after the evacuation. Heartbreaking time right now in California,” wrote the actor under the photo where he is near the remains of the building.

Fire does not spare anyone. The popular family Kardashian was the hour to collect things and family members to get out of the house and evacuate. Kim shared with subscribers of the news, holding a photograph of children at the side of the mansion. “I heard that the flame struck our property, our house in Hidden Hills, but now seems to have stopped. I’m just praying that the wind was in our favor. Fire, I love you and thank you for what you are doing everything possible for our safety!” — I wrote to Kim on twitter.

Another mommy Kardashian, Kim’s sister Khloe also had little time. She ran out of the house than it was, however, capturing the important stuff: “Just left the house in what was. But brought, perhaps, the entire bedroom closet and all of TRU. She’s all that now matters to me”.

Kathleen Jenner, in the past Bruce, after the evacuation of your house will not return, it was completely destroyed by fire.
At risk was the home of Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea and cher. They are insanely worried about their estates, and extend my condolences to those who suffered from the fire.

But Director Guillermo Del Toro, whose film “water” won many awards, is for his mansion bleak house, named after a novel by Charles Dickens, probably the most. It is a private Museum that consists of more than 10 thousand works of art. Fingers crossed!

But Charlie sheen happened different situation. Arriving in Malibu to pick up his parents, he couldn’t find them. The day the father and mother of the actor was reported missing. The actor worried published social networks, but later Martin and Janet sheen was found on the beach safe and sound.

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