Уволенный из популярного сериала Томас Гибсон разводится с женой

In the life of an actor Thomas Gibson has come a black-blackest stripe. As it became known, for opening hand on the set of the artist is not only removed from the shooting, but fired completely. At the same time cleared up the situation in his personal life, which could well be the cause of the aggressive behavior of the stars of the show to “Think like a criminal” — he left his wife Christine.

And not just gone and filed for divorce. It happened last year, and since then they have been mired in an exhausting divorce litigation. Christine Thomas had been married for nearly 25 years, but to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of their journey.
“Their marriage has become unbearable because of the constant conflicts that have destroyed friendships and ruled out any possibility of reconciliation,” said an insider. The final word the judge had to say in October of this year.
By the way, the reason for the dismissal was the fact that Thomas hit show’s producer (but not writer, as previously reported). A little later, Gibson said he was very sorry that it happened, and he hopes that won’t be repeated. “Certainly not again” he thought the producers and dismissed Thomas from the series. Now Gibson has hired lawyers and decided to sue the employers, who, in his opinion, unfairly fired him.

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