Fire, water and copper pipes: Zhanna Martirosyan told about life with Garik

Огонь, вода и медные трубы: Жанна Мартиросян рассказала о жизни с Гариком
The wife of a famous humorist said on the back of the popularity.

Photo: Instagram

This year Janna and Garik Martirosyan will celebrate the global event — the 20th anniversary of their relations. The couple met in 1997, and began Dating a year later. For a long time, Jeanne lived in the shadow of the glory of his popular wife, but now with the development of social networks more and more fans Garik begin to “go” on the side of women’s humor his wife.

In his personal blog, Ms. Martirosyan often tells us interesting cases of them with her life. The other day Jeanne shared the story about how it’s not easy being a star wife popular man.

“For 20 years of a joint life we with Garik “went through fire and water”, — she shared. And today I learned what “pass copper pipe”. Walking with her in the Park, I overheard the conversation of a young couple. “Look, look this, it seems that Garik Martirosyan. Or not, he may just be like,” said the girl. “That’s exactly Garik Martirosyan, Vaughn, his wife, Jeanne, near. I signed it”, — proudly answered the boy. After this sentence I felt a very famous person, Yes, there is a Megastar , the radiance of which recognize a different star!!! Dizzy, the crown almost fell down, eyes focused on the “bottom-up” life sparkle with new colors, mostly gold. “Yeah, no, it’s not. His wife is beautiful, I’m in the magazine saw it,” — confidently said the girl. What happened next? I don’t remember. I woke up only at home. I just remember the light at the end of the tunnel, I guess I’m stuck in the copper pipe…”

Followers of Jeanne (and they have it for as much as three hundred thousand!) appreciated her sense of humor. “Jeanne, you just space!”, “Plagued by vague doubts: maybe you write the lyrics for “Comedy”?”

These assumptions, by the way, there are subscribers Martirosyan regularly. It is, however, always jokes about it. But it is clear that at the time he met Gary and Jeanne together is a sense of humor.