Find 10 differences. Micheev confused with Pugacheva

Найди 10 отличий. Михееву перепутали с Пугачевой

It turned out that two Russian celebrities names are the same

Scientists claim that each person has on the planet, at least three twin. Similar people can be scattered around the world and not even speculate about the existence of each other. Who would have thought that the double Alla Pugacheva walks with her on the same streets and corridors of Ostankino. It’s a different Alla Mikheeva….

The similarities between the two celebrities was noticed by the subscribers of the leading “Sharp report”, when she posted another picture on his page in the social network. Mikheeva photo appears in a free outfit a La robe, and on her head flaunts magnificent bouffant. Given that over the last couple of months, the girl gained a few pounds, which only added to the resemblance to the young Alla Borisovna do on the face. Which could not be noticed by the fans of the presenter. “It’s mom Aguilera”, “How similar to Pugachev”, “thought it was Alla Borisovna”. Some have suggested that the earth turned into a prima Donna of the Russian stage for a special edition of the show “Toch-V-Toch”. However, as it turned out, it was her usual casual look. Looks like Pugacheva, who at the time sang “live in peace country, I you have one” worry. Uneven hour Mikheev and on the stage will go.