Наконец-то: Ева Мендес вышла замуж

The actress has legalized relationship with the father of her children.

Burning babe Eva Mendes and actor Ryan Gosling have been together for five years and they have two children – year-old Esmeralda Gosling Amadou and Amadou three months Whether Gosling. But to have the wedding of actors decided just now. And did it secretly!

Of the marriage of stars, foreign journalists reported a friend of the couple, who attended the private ceremony, which was pretty modest – in the backyard couples in the Hollywood hills. The source claims that guests were only 30 and these were only the closest friends and relatives.

If you believe the rumors, the initiator of the wedding itself became eve, and the reason for that was grief… In April died the older brother of actress and 53-year-old Carlos, who spent two years fighting cancer. For the actress, his departure was a great shock, she wanted to feel more secure, that’s why she finally decided to officially become Mrs. Gosling.

Eva and Ryan had no immediate comment on the wedding, but fans of the star know that it was true. Instead of spreading Eva just because she doesn’t even like to deliver my personal life.

Take the birth of the second child of the couple. The actress gave birth in late April, but that she is expecting a kid, nobody even knew!

To hide the pregnancy is not so easy, especially in the last stages. The couple were the perfect couple and are just masters of conspiracy.

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