Наконец-то: Анастасия Стоцкая показала дочь
Daughter of the singer is also similar to Kirkorov.

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Anastasia Stotskaya recently turned 8 months. In honor of this momentous event, the singer showed the public the girl’s face. However, the eyes of Faith star is still covered “hearts”, but it is clear that the girl — a copy of his own elder brother. She had the same nose, mouth, face and hair color.

Interestingly, earlier, when Stotsky was the first to go out with his son Alexander , fans noted how much the boy looked like a friend and mentor Philip Kirkorov Anastasia, and especially to his son.

Sasha is now 6 years old, Martin — 5, but they’re about the same height and love to play together. In the photos, which publish their stellar parents continued to be friends families, even the most loyal fans can’t always discern where the son Stotsky, and where the son Kirkorov.

Stotsky was tired of explaining to the public that there is no relationship to her son Kirkorov has not, at least, of kinship between them. In fact, her son Sasha are very similar to my dad, who hates attention to his person is never photographed for magazines and do not attend public events.

It has now become clear: the daughter Stotsky also went to the Pope, and then automatically like Philip Kirkorov, like her older brother.