Финалистки шоу «Холостяк»: жизнь после проекта “StarHit” to find out what happened to the finalists of the three seasons of the project, what they are doing now and what changes have occurred in their personal lives.

      Финалистки шоу «Холостяк»: жизнь после проекта

      The reality show “the Bachelor” is one of the most romantic projects of national television for three seasons enjoys great popularity among viewers. For heroines ached, wanting them to successfully sail on the yacht in the storm, to fly on a paraplane and to win the heart of the most eligible bachelors. Interest in the finalists of this show is not quenched. Every girl had their own motives for participation in the project. For some “the Bachelor” was a good starting platform for your career advancement and opportunity to Shine on television, others are allowed to have fun competitions and to visit the fabulous and sometimes exotic Dating. But some of the girls really wanted to try their luck and find that one person with whom you can spend the rest of my life. “StarHit” offers an opportunity to learn how life has changed for the winners after the show.

      First season: Olesya Ermakova and Irina Volodchenko

      Olesya Ermakova

      In the dispute of the two finalists defeated Olesya Ermakova. It chose bachelor # 1 – Evgeny Levchenko. Later on the breakup player wrote in his blog – they say, life in two countries was an obstacle… It’s in Holland, she was in Moscow – it didn’t happen. “We talked for some time after the breakup, but now our ways. Now in my thoughts I almost did not go back to him and to our beautiful story – share Oles – for me it is in the past.”

      Финалистки шоу «Холостяк»: жизнь после проекта

      In 2014, she was proposed to by an old friend from London – and this time no distance did not stop her to say Yes. Now they live in two countries, spending time in Moscow, then in London apartments. “This man is my first love,” – said Olesya “StarHit”. “I came to London as a producer of the dubbing Studio. And he worked in the production of audio-visual products. Once we met, liked each other. But was too young to appreciate what was happening between us, and stayed friends.” About the show featuring Olesya fiance knows. “But I forbade him to watch,” continued the girl. – He does not know Russian language, could something not understand”.

      Olesya is now working in the film industry. One of the latest projects is the TV series “Marco Polo” Netflix, from the creators of “house of cards” and “Game of thrones”. The girl was doing visual effects, was responsible for the video. In addition, she works as a model and acted in music videos. She is active in social networks: communicating on Twitter, puts photos in “Instagram” and “Vkontakte” is her official group, which consist of more than eight thousand subscribers.

      Irina Volodchenko

      Финалистки шоу «Холостяк»: жизнь после проекта

      Irina is a finalist on the show, who lost the bachelor Olesya Ermakova. Not on the current project relations with Yevgeny Levchenko girl reasoned: “I believe that we have failed for a reason. Each should have its own story. After the show ended, thoughts to resume relations appeared: believe in the same river twice not enter. Like he didn’t know, I think that now he is one. I’m fine – there is a “soulmate”. I knew a loved one for a long time, but only after “the Bachelor” began to tie a relationship.”

      Feelings of the future husband broke out as soon as started to show “the Bachelor.” “He saw me and maybe jealous – says the girl. – Offered to meet, and things started to happen”. In spite of the relationship, Irina is continuing companionship with ex-“bachelor”: “Eugene we communicate, write each other SMS, talk on the phone. When it happens in Moscow, even seeing each other.”

      Now Irene is headed in the state Duma apparatus of the Parliamentary club of the Russian sovereignty and included in the coordination Council “Young guards”. After Volodchenko showed itself on the project “the Bachelor”, it just bombarded with different offers advertising, making it able to manifest itself in the modeling business. Participants acknowledged TV show Irina the most beautiful girl project. Not accidentally, she regularly participates in shows of Russian designers, monitoring their collections and loves to buy dresses. Profiles Irina can be found almost in every social network, where she happily interacts with his fans and admirers. Only the “Instagram” girl has more than 135 thousand subscribers.

      Second season: Maria Drygala and Alena Pavlova

      Maria Drygala

      Финалистки шоу «Холостяк»: жизнь после проекта

      The winner of the second season of the show “the Bachelor” began Maria Drygala. The project girl came because I wanted to really fall in love, and was sure to show it’s possible. The winning candidate fans were declassified long before the final release. Mary herself involuntarily betrayed the secret in social networks, posting pictures of the same places photographed Maxim Cherniavsky.

      Realizing his mistake, the girl is almost immediately deleted the footage, but talk has already begun. Rumors constantly surround the pair. Fans carefully monitor their joint life photographs and interviews constantly then bred, then again reduce lovers. “For three months, so show lasted, we were under the constant eye of the cameras on the front of the whole country,” – shared with “StarHit” Maxim Chernyavskiy, – “And Mary tired of this. In principle, it is not a public person. Just look at her “Instagram”, even the pictures there posting rarely. And asks me not to post in my social media pictures with her. So nobody can tell where and how we spend time together, here and think out”. Maria works as the chief of the legal Department in the company of his father, which is engaged in sale and repair of military equipment. She can solve all issues remotely, so easily fly to Maxim from St. Petersburg to Los Angeles. Maria and Maxim are not just together and happy, they are preparing for the wedding.

      Alena Pavlova

      Финалистки шоу «Холостяк»: жизнь после проекта

      Alyona after filming the second season of “the Bachelor,” is engaged in the education of the son of David. Making money in modeling and DJing. In November 2014, Alain appeared in the Meadow a reality show of channel TNT “Dom-2” as a member. Fans of the young woman who brings up the boy without her husband, was divided into two camps: some were glad again able to watch his favorite on television, others were surprised at this decision Pavlova and began to persuade her to leave the program.

      “To explain anything to anyone should not! Do what you think is right! Son is the most important thing in my life and this is forever! Yes, I am search men, husband, father to David, to find work for the soul and I’m on the right track, I know for sure! Do everything that the son saw a happy mom and dad beside you!” she wrote on Instagram. The girl liked Bogdan, Linchuk, and after the music producer Nikita Kuznetsov. After the failure Kuznetsov and Lencucha Alena Pavlova had found a kindred spirit in the face of coming once again to the project of Eugene’s Cousin, but here the relationship again is not formed, and the party left the telestroke.

      Third season. Daria Kanawha and Galina Rzhaksinsky

      Daria Kanawha

      Финалистки шоу «Холостяк»: жизнь после проекта

      The reality show ended just four months ago, and during that time 37-year-old Timur Batrutdinov and 23-year-old Daria Kanawha became even closer. “Although everything occurs for the most part at a distance, but the longer our the honeymoon period, it’s a beautiful and carefree time”, – told the “StarHit” Daria. “We are with Timur tried to call and email as often as he does it. However, I live daily life, and he’s nocturnal, but I try to adapt.

      Daria Kanawha trying to advertise your personal life in social networks. “He (Timur) helped me that taught me how to behave after the project. For example, was advised to close public access to my page. In “Contact” time, and Instagram is not. In the end I have written in the comments so many bad things… for Example, that the way to victory, I laid across the bed. But the project we have not had sex”. After the shooting Daria Kanawha defended the diploma on a speciality “management of organization” Kazan Federal University. At the moment, Daria Kananoja not involved in any project.

      Galina Rzhaksinsky

      The girl was considered the main favorite of the project. 27-year-old Galina charmed bachelor Timur Batrutdinova from the first meeting. She got the first impression rose and went on an individual date more often than other participants. However, the final show for Galina ended in disappointment: Timur Batrutdinov chose Daria. Despite the messy breakup, finalist continues to communicate with the hero of the show. But now their relationship has moved from romantic to friendly. Now, after the completion of the project, Galina Rzhaksinsky incredibly popular in social networks: the number of fans in the tens of thousands, of votes cast in favor of it, is incalculable.

      Spectators almost in one voice tried to convince Timur to make a choice in favor of girls. Most called the Gal suitable party for the resident of Comedy club: educated, smart, Mature, kind – these and other compliments are constantly received at her address. “Such attention is very pleasant to me, – admitted Rzhaksinsky “StarHit”. – People on the street and in public places began to recognize me very often: speak kind words, Express my sympathy, admit that they supported me . It’s very touching and cute.” Plans Galina Rzhaksinsky is to continue to develop their own business. The girl is the owner of three luxury beauty Studio in Moscow. “And in my personal life, and so everything I watched for the last 3 months, so let it remain now with me,” the girl smiles mysteriously.

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