Финалистка шоу «Голос» слегла с болезнью перед эфиром Daria Antonyuk complained of feeling unwell. Despite the discomfort, she will do everything to perform well at the most important stage of the competition. Today will be the winner of the musical project of the First channel.

      Today live on the First channel will be the final of the popular project “the Voice.” Of the four contenders Daria Antonyuk – the only girl and the youngest participant. However, before the most important speech, the artist felt unwell. The disease is so down positive attitude of the singer, which she previously felt outside of the race in the fight for first place. Moreover, Daria was in no condition to rehearse your number, and therefore immediately warned fans that they will see the full improvisation.

      “Of course, the mood for the final I have practically vanished and I wish you guys huge success and brilliant performances! Immediately after the semi-finals I got sick, pretty bad. Nose, cough, sore throat, and most unwelcome, but the resulting consequence is the loss of voice. Only yesterday he was a bit to appear. Rehearsals I have not and will not, try to improvise! I hope something happens! I thought the semi final was the most difficult, but no! The final was harder than all that was before! Three weak songs, “besgrove,” three men against one lady, the passions and absolute depression for this reason. So far, I feel like “flying the distance” – written by the finalist of the musical competition.

      Daria said, making everything to feel fresh before the final performance on “the Voice.” Despite the discomfort, she hopes to be able to gather all the strength and dignity to go on stage. She remembered all the difficulties she had to face in a creative career.

      “But I know that all labor is rewarded! Then billions of times nicer to know that you coped with all the difficulties! And every desire has its point, its culmination, which becomes the springboard for the administration to a new level and to new heights! Just believe in me, even if I don’t really believe in it! Let it be dawn! We can do it!” – she turned to her fans.

      Followers were quick to support the girl. They said that they believe in her victory and will be rooting for her. “I believe you, and no rehearsal all do. Let the voice is back! Waiting for air and believe, believe, believe!”, “Dasha! You can have everything, we are with you! All SMS your. You’re the best no matter what. Most importantly be healthy!”, “Dasha, keep the Cams for you and will vote, no matter how you sing!” – posted by fans of the young singer.