Finalist of “the Battle of psychics” Namtar, Antigal spoke about cheating on the project

Финалист «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтар Энзигаль высказался об обмане на проекте Mystical star of the show told about the nuances that are behind the scenes. According to Namthar of Antigua, and some competitors too exaggerated their magical abilities. However, according to the MAG, criticized the transfer dirtier than all those who failed the audition for participation.
Финалист «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтар Энзигаль высказался об обмане на проекте

Many viewers watching the project “fight of psychics” on TNT and his characters, even when the transfer does not show on the air. However, sometimes the creators of the show faced criticism from viewers. In the press real scandal after the harsh statements of former leading Mikhail Porechenkov, who spoke negatively about the program. However, the majority of participants of the show confirmed that about any deception and fraud cannot be considered.

Rzayev spoke about Porechenkova after the scandal with the “Battle of psychics”

“StarHit” decided to find out how to actually shoot the project and contacted a finalist for the sixteenth season Nantaram Ashalim. The magician said that while participating in the project, he never knew how his rival had passed the test, and also, what exactly was the job. As viewers, some of these moments he knew, just by looking air.

“Of course, were the characters which can hardly be called psychics, but liars are not met. Very often, some participants carried the stuff to the test. As an example, we had two “dolls” are similar, which positioned themselves as witches, and in fact were not. However came and monolingual children,” said Antigal.
Финалист «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтар Энзигаль высказался об обмане на проекте

As said the necromancer, his colleagues were respectful and tried not to put magical blocks on the test. “If this happened, I would have felt the opponent didn’t faint. There is an entity that is always with me, she helps me,” said Antigal.

According to the MAG, outside the set on the market of magic services often are scams. As told by Namtar, he is frequently approached by people who have previously suffered from wrong actions of the psychics. For example, a girl wanted to do a love spell, but in the end had incurred damage.

“Once went to Abkhazia, where we helped the woman. Roughly speaking, she slept soundly for about a month, although she grow three children. Got up at three a.m. to drink tea and then went to bed. I was able to help her,” recalled a recent case of Namtar.

Some people are gradually changing their point of view regarding the services of psychics. Antigal said “StarHit” that is currently working with a man who initially did not believe in otherworldly forces, and then opened a certain ability.
As previously noted by other psychics, leading the project, Safronova’s brothers perform, trying to confuse them to the test. MAG believes that initially they were skeptical towards all the participants of the show.

“They evaluate the work of pseudoestrogens and the real, at first trying to scratch it all “under one comb”, which is understandable, because at first really difficult to distinguish the real magical work from the theatre passes hands. But Serezha was very good asked me to leave the project in catfish the end of the season, I did not agree with him, as part of the audience of the project. He just contradicted his words, who said earlier in the season,” explained Namtar.

After participating in the “Battle of psychics,” mediums and witches increase the number of customers who wish to sign up for them at the reception. Some people go to shows for the sake of PR, though their abilities were not strong enough to fight with competitors.

“Hard scenario “Battle” was not. Most people who criticize the project, tried to go to the auditions, and now claim that all paid for,” said Antigal.