Финалист «Битвы экстрасенсов» судится с социальными сетями To Ziraddin Rzayev people regularly turn affected by the activities of the Internet scams that prey on the name of a famous healer. Member of the popular show is not going to leave it without his attention. He called Vkontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki “fraudulent” sites and made a statement against them.

      Финалист «Битвы экстрасенсов» судится с социальными сетями

      35-year-old psychic, a healer and clinical psychologist Ziraddin Rzayev, known to the General public for his participation in the show of channel TNT “Battle of psychics”, put forward judicial claims against social networks “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and Facebook. According to Rzayev, many Internet scammers are cashing in on his behalf. The damage to Scam the gullible people, estimated in excess of 100 thousand rubles.

      Rzayev sure that the sites themselves create the conditions so that the number of dishonest businessmen and on the Internet continued to grow. Ziraddin contacted their support, but was refused his request to block page scams, preying on his behalf. The healer also asked about the possibility to put a tick on the page if it is still going. Representatives of one of the social networks Rzayev said that he is not popular enough to get an official page.

      Tired of the fact that he cheated regularly call people who decide to use his services after advertising in social networks, Rzayev decided to solve the problem through the courts. Ziraddin want to stop the Internet business scams that, in his view, infringe its copyrights. At the moment he has asked the interior Ministry statement.

      “I openly declare that social media is the biggest Scam. They create all conditions for fraud. If not “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and Facebook, they would not be able to deceive anyone. Together with the lawyer I complained to GU MVD of Russia on Petrovka” — said Rzayev with the media.

      In the fight against dishonest people even after the announcement on the official website of Ziraddin. On the main page it is written: “beware of Scam! Ziraddin Rzayev is not in social networks remotely for consultations. Beware of imitations!”.

      “Scammers create pages in social networks supposedly on my behalf, cheat subscribers, and offer people help. Believe them and send money for services. And then I received calls from disgruntled citizens who are outraged that the money was paid, but in life they are still bad, no one helped,”— said Rzayev on algorithm of actions of speculators Life.ru.

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