Finalist of “the Bachelor” have agreed to a secret meeting with Creed

Финалистка «Холостяка» оправдалась за тайные встречи с Кридом Viktoriya Korotkova does not hide true relations with Egor. Several times they were seen at the same parties. Contestant on “the Bachelor” told about his personal life.
Финалистка «Холостяка» оправдалась за тайные встречи с Кридом

Many fans of the show “the Bachelor,” believed that the more worthy choice for Yegor creed would be Viktoriya Korotkova, not Daria Klyukina. Moreover, the fans of the project and not wait for the revelations of the singer about his love affair with the winner.

The reality show helped Korotkova become more popular: many well-known brands started to invite her for the filming of advertising, and friends of Yegor began to call for private parties. However, Victoria was unpleasant that the ring got Dasha.

“I have to say that after the project has been sufficient amount of time to heal their wounds and a little cool down, to cool their emotions. I won’t hide that when I watched the finale, I was again covered a large wave, “the whole range of emotions,” as I said on the project. It was quite difficult for a few seconds in the air I re-experienced all that I have experienced, standing at the top, and that was after depressed… But it was the choice of Yegor, and I thank him a lot. I think it’s important to be grateful to people who make you happy”, – said Vika.

During your stay on the project creed convinced Victoria to get a tattoo that says Amor. The model even thinks about getting it removed. In one of the shoots this inscription she crossed. “For some reason, many have begun to carry out a parallel that I wanted to send a secret message to Egor about that in my heart love died. Although this is actually a fragment of the picture, which he gave me. If you look at the original, then it is many times the written word Amor and in the end it is crossed out,” – said Korotkov.

Viktoriya and Egor was not seen again together. One of the rollers caused heated discussions on the Network. Fans believed that the creed broke up with Dasha and meets up with her opponent. Korotkov has told about that video be any more specific.

“It so happened that I was invited to shoot the semi-finals of the show “Songs,” and we met with Yegor. We struck up a conversation, we chatted about normal things, he asked me about moving to Moscow, I told him that I was invited to appear in the new collection of Alexander Terekhov. That is, we talked about the usual things, like talking to people who have been each other have not seen. As the project was still in the air, some points we discussed, shared his impressions after viewed,” said Vic.

Now she works a lot, though, to project it in the first place was the family. Besides, Korotkov engaged in their education. “Now I have seven days a week there is some sort of work. I don’t even remember the last time I slept, but I like it. Prior to that, Yes, until 22 years, I did nothing, I was traveling, I was in a relationship, and I did this way was not looking. But now I aim to develop, to work, to learn. From all your advertising projects and photo shoots I get good money and able to support themselves, not depend on parents or from someone else. In September I plan to go to the British school of design and style,” shared the star of the show.

Victoria is in no hurry to disclose the name of his men, but he does not deny that now truly happy. “After you for a long time under the cameras, you see you cry, you share their feelings, I want after all this waves your personal, that is family and relationships to keep and not to flaunt. The only thing I can say about your personal life: I’m good, I’m happy now”, said Victoria in conversation with The finalist of “the Bachelor” was suspected of affair with brother Timothy

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