Finalist of “Eurovision” requires urgent surgery

Финалисту «Евровидения» требуется срочная операция Salvador Sobral suffers from a serious illness. The party’s popular song contest with congenital heart disease. According to journalists, the young man needs the intervention of medical professionals. El Salvador is difficult to attend the rehearsals, and he does not act on the overall scene.

The media reported that 27-year-old Salvador Collected, the representative of Portugal at the international competition “Eurovision” in Kiev, suffering from a severe illness. The singer has a congenital heart defect. Until the end of the year the contractor has to find a donor.

Correspondents report that Sobral hard to participate in the contest along with all. The young man, according to journalists, it is difficult to attend the rehearsals. During the first semi-final Salvador was the only participant who spoke on the main stage, and in a small area located in the middle of the dance floor. It is built specially to have Collected, he was able to quickly get to the stage. The actor also asked not to Shine in his eyes, the spotlights during the performance.

Reporters noted that El Salvador had sought to publicize their health problems, but after the young man became the participant of “Eurovision”, he had to talk about it publicly. The family had Gathered warned the organizers of the show about his disease. They went to meet the artist and allowed him to skip the preparatory stages of the competition. At rehearsals the young man was replaced by his sister, Louise, who is the co-author of the song Amar Pelos Dois.

Recall that the 62-th Eurovision song contest will end may 13 in Kiev. On this day, on the stage of the Congress and exhibition centre “the Park” will be artists who have passed the semi-finals. Their selection took place in two stages: first the verdict issued a national jury and then direct the course of the show, had to vote the viewers.

The most likely candidate to win, according to bookmakers is the Italian Francesco Gabbani. The three most popular members contest also includes the Portuguese Salvador Gathered and Bulgarian Kristian Kostov, the finalist of the project of the First channel “Voice. Children.”

Preparations for the international vocal competition took place with the scandal – the Ukrainian authorities refused to allow on the territory of the Russian singer Yulia Samoylova. Its decision they explained that the actress violated the laws of the host country – in 2015, she gave a concert in the Crimea. Instead of “Eurovision” Samoilov were again on the Peninsula in the Northern part of the Black sea. Local residents heard the song Julia on the Day of Victory.