Filipp Yankovsky about cancer: “All in the past”

Филипп Янковский об онкологии: «Все осталось в прошлом» The famous Director and actor was able to beat cancer. According to some information, for several years Jankowski struggled with a serious disease. As reported by the artist to the correspondent “StarHit”, now it’s all right.

      Actor and Director Philip Jankowski for several years struggled with the disease. As reported, in 2014 during the inspection the doctors found the artist follicular lymphoma stage three. According to some, Jankowski was recommended to undergo chemotherapy, which is considered an effective treatment this kind of cancer.

      Earlier in mass media there was information that the actor knew about the tumor in 2009, but then no health problems arose, so he postponed the medical examination.When returning to the doctors, Philip was strongly encouraged to undergo treatment. The movie star took the course of chemotherapy and was treated in Israel for highly qualified specialists. Follikuliarnae lymphoma is a tumour with low malignancy that develops from cells of the immune system and affects follicular centers in the lymphatic system, spleen, tonsils, larynx, mucous membranes of the digestive system.

      “StarHit” decided to find out how Philip feels. The correspondent managed to phone to the actor. According to Jankowski, he’s fine.

      “It’s okay. Thank you very much. Thank you for you helpful people. Thank you very much to all those who were worried. All in the past. Live, work,” – said Jankowski “StarHit”.

      By the way, Philip must be regularly checked by a doctor, as his relatives were diagnosed with cancer. The famous father of actor Oleg Yankovsky died at the age of 65 years old, as was sick with pancreatic cancer.

      This year on the screens out the series “Mysterious passion”, which is based on the novel by Vasily Aksenov. Jankowski played a major role in this project. Philip starred by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. “It’s a blessing to play people with the spiritual and delicate organization. It is fortunate for the actor”, – said the artist in the program “Evening Urgant”.

      Currently Jankowski is actively involved in the filming as well as in theatrical productions. Very soon the screens will be released the short film “Brutus” in which the audience will also see in one of the roles his wife, Oksana Fandera.