Figure Valerie was the center of attention

Фигура Валерии оказалась в центре внимания
The singer posted a photo with a beach in Dubai.

Фигура Валерии оказалась в центре внимания


Photo: @valeriya_rus Instagram Valeria

May holidays
a great excuse for celebrities to go to rest at sea. Here
Valeria decided to take a vacation and went to sunbathe in Dubai.
The singer was very pleased with the long-awaited vacation and celebrated the first day of the publication of a selfie in a tiny bikini.

48-year-old Valeria
demonstrated excellent physical shape. Trim figure of the singer in
minutes has become one of the most discussed topics of the day. The caused
a storm of admiration from the fans. “You look awesome! Figure
supeeeer! Valeria you are beautiful!” commented on a photo
fans. Followers of the singer can only guess, as the mother of three children managed
to maintain such a figure.

However, Valeria does not
hide the fact that to have such a slim body she has a lot of
to work. Even during the holidays, the singer does not miss workouts in the gym.

Incidentally, the husband of the singer
— Joseph Prigozhin does not hide that excited by the figure of his wife. Some
time ago, he even boasted a snapshot of Valeria sunbathing in a red bathing suit
in Thailand. “I am proud of and admire!” commented


Photo: @Instagram prigozhin_iosif Joseph Prigogine

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