Figure Gigi Hadid concealed under the poncho, considering its thick

Фигуру Джиджи Хадид скрыли под пончо, посчитав ее толстой

21-year-old model didn’t want to release it to the podium due to the “imperfect” body.

21-year-old model is not the first time there is an attack on the part of designers and the public. According to well-known fashion designer, Gigi plump for the cruel world of fashion. By the way, the parameters of the “ideal” Hadid – 86/64/89 see

This time the scandal happened because of Tommy Hilfiger, which refused to release the girl on the podium! She’s too fat for his clothes to represent.

“Our casting Director said that Gigi is not too good for us, because it is not high enough and thin enough,” said Tommy portal aceshowbiz. The issue was resolved in the following manner, to appear on the show, Gigi had to agree to wear a voluminous poncho that hid most of her body. Hilfiger was quick to assure that he was not opposed to the model demonstrated his clothes, but professional team has decided differently.

Apparently, Gigi was never offensive, because that show was the starting point for cooperation Hadid and Hilfiger in the project TOMMYxGIGI.

Recall that last fall, around Hadid has been a serious scandal. 21-year-old model Gigi has received a lot of unpleasant feedback from the public after fashion week. The company believes that the model has no right to be on the podium with her forms. Gigi left insults the public without attention and wrote on Instagram open letter in which he expressed all his emotions.

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