Драка Карди Би и Никки Минаж: кто виноват?

Party Harper’s Bazaar ICONS is remembered not only for entertainment, but also a fight KARDi Bi, and Nikki Minaj. KARDi even used the heavy artillery and tried to hit Minaj a heel to the head, but the guard time to separate the stars. Who is to blame and who suffered?

After a time, Cardi published a post on instagram, which explained why almost beat Nicky. The message is full of emotions. “For a lot of d*I wasn’t paying attention — she wrote, — You threaten the other actors in the industry, told them that if they would work with me, will you stop f*I with them!! I let you talk about me all heh*u!! But when you mention my child, you choose to say about me as a mother and making comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter!! I worked hard and had gone too far to allow someone to question my success!!!!”.

Nicky was more polite and less emotional. Broadcast on radio Beats 1, she explained her point of view on a bad situation. “It’s all lies! I would never say bad things about someone else’s child. All these rumors are disgusting. I am ashamed of how it looked from the outside. And it’s crazy that made me guilty in this story”.

And indeed, in the life of Cardi not so sweet and maybe she is a nervous wreck, and that was the cause of the fight. Recently, 26-year-old rapper and his wife Offset KARDi brought to light a beautiful girl called kalcher Chiari, Safes. However, after a good news is less pleasant — the father of the baby was arrested, and not for the first time.

Portal TMZ reported that the soloist of group Migos was arrested because of tinted Windows in the Atlanta area. During the search of the car was found a pistol. According to rumors, at the Offset also was charged for drug possession.

Arrested the rapper is not the first time. In 2016 he was arrested for driving with an expired license, and in 2015 during the concert for possession of weapons and drugs.