Пятый муж Гурченко опроверг слухи об изменах Constantine Kuperveys shared memories in a new documentary. The fifth husband of the people’s artist Lyudmila Gurchenko has categorically rejected the rumours about his cheating dead wife.
Пятый муж Гурченко опроверг слухи об изменах

Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko was married six times and only one of her long-term relationship was not registered. With her fifth husband, musician Konstantin Kuperveys – actress has lived a civil marriage is 18 years. When they met, he was 18 and she was 38 years old.

Constantine Kuperveys in a new documentary of the First channel “Lyudmila Gurchenko. Carnival life” shared his memories.

It was during the period of relations with Kuperveys Gurchenko triumphantly returned to movie, and many were successful… Constantine became her last husband.

However, the former spouse of the actress has categorically rejected all the rumors, the gossip that he is, as some of his predecessors, changed Lyudmila Markovna. The musician has called a very different reason for the breakup, according to the musician, he didn’t leave for another woman. In addition, after so many years of marriage, during which Kuperveys in the truest sense of the word faithfully served the actress (was attorney in her Affairs, led negotiations, supported on the set, played house, took care of her mother and the daughter), Constantine left all jointly acquired the property. After divorce moved to her parents in the Khrushchev.

Пятый муж Гурченко опроверг слухи об изменах “It must have exhausted communication with each other. We nothing is shared, everything that was Lucy, all gone. I went to a family parents with Khrushchev. I am not complaining. And I didn’t leave for another woman or anything like that. All this talk in the press is wrong,” – said the fifth husband of Lyudmila Gurchenko.
Пятый муж Гурченко опроверг слухи об изменах

The nature of people’s artist father, the assurance of many who talked to her close was difficult. Lyudmila Markovna was extremely consistent and principled, she would not forgive two things – incompetence and treason. Infidelity was the first and main reason Gurchenko has broken up with your loved ones and loved her men. Because of the betrayal she left her first husband, Director Basil Orda, divorced the second, the father of her only daughter, writer Boris Andronikashvili, kicked the third actor Alexander Fadeev, who had somehow come home in the morning.

The fourth, Joseph Kobzon, Gurchenko lived for three years. Life with him was fun and exciting but happy for the actress did not. Then the father wasn’t filming she had a hard time of creative stagnation. Lyudmila Markovna was hoping that the famous actor Kobzon will promote her career. But her husband, despite the popularity, can so easily call on “Mosfilm” and demand: “Give Luce the main role!” Kobzon took his career. And the brighter lit star singer, the bigger loser feel Gurchenko. In the end – divorce. Gurchenko cut their shared past in one fell swoop. And after parting, Gurchenko and Kobzon 40 years, until her passing, did not communicate.

It was the same with the fifth husband. Constantine Kuperveys admitted in the documentary that he was afraid of meeting with the father after separation.

Пятый муж Гурченко опроверг слухи об изменах “Even those rare concerts where we could accidentally meet and I avoided. Didn’t want to see Lucy, I was afraid… I don’t know what. These meetings could bring on some memories, including good”, – said Konstantin Kuperveys.
Пятый муж Гурченко опроверг слухи об изменах

Friends, acquaintances, and the documentary makers believe that the relationship with Kuperveys was Gurchenko very happy. Unlike the others, he gave her what she most wanted – a father’s concern. Despite the fact that he was younger, she called him dad. Although this marriage Kuperveys father really never was, Jack wanted more children.

“Were not even delivered the ultimatum – condition. She said, “I have many times been married and I don’t need the extra stamp”. The question of joint children is also decided – “children no longer want.” Well… I took it,” said fifth husband Gurchenko.