Fiancee of Prince Harry preparing to move into the Palace

Избранница принца Гарри готовится к переезду во дворец
Meghan Markle will move to London and future mother-in-law Prince

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


As it became known, Meghan Markle began active preparation to move in
Britain to live with her beloved Prince Harry, in his cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace. Incidentally, as
it became recently known, along with Megan in the UK will move and her mother
Doria Raglan. Doria has already visited London in August of this year to watch
himself a house there. Prince Harry delighted her upcoming move. He had with
Dooriya the excellent relations that he has demonstrated, inviting her into the VIP box at the stadium in
Toronto, which hosted this year’s Invictus Games — sports
games for soldiers injured in combat zones. By the way,
many took this gesture to Harry as what he presented to the world Dorio,
as his future mother-in-law.

As reported by one of the bridesmaids Megan,
the actress is already packing and
began to prepare to move their two Pets — dogs Bogart and guy. Markle never
no secret that loves their dogs. She shared the pictures
due to which fans of the actress learned that she desperately spoils: allows you to sleep in your own bed gives them
only the most expensive “organic” food. And when come the cold, their clothes
in expensive sweaters for dogs hand-knit. And when Megan goes on a shooting that
employs a special “nanny” for their Pets,
and communicates with them using the video program Facetime.

Megan attended to training their Pets to travel in advance. The thing
the fact that it takes at least a month: to bring dogs into the UK
they should get all necessary vaccinations. And after that, must go, more,
at least a month before animals will be allowed to cross the border with his
hostess. Besides, Markle is obliged to carry out
dogs a prophylactic against parasites. According to her calculations, she should
to finish everything up by the end of the month when the actress finishes shooting the seventh
the season of “Force majeure” and will have the opportunity to move to England to