Fiancee of Prince Harry hosted at the Royal Palace

Избранница принца Гарри хозяйничает в королевском дворце Meghan Markle noticed a member of the residence with shopping bags. The actress bought food at the nearby organic shop. Foreign publications have suggested that she moved to Prince Harry.

      For several months, Prince Harry was hiding a relationship with a famous actress Meghan Markle. Only this week he officially announced his novel in order to stop the rumors and protect her darling from the increased attention of the press. Apparently, the relationship of the heir to the throne and the actress is quite serious. The foreign journalists of the tabloid suggested that the girl already settled in Kensington Palace, and even start a hosting.

      According to the journalists, Megan went to look for food in the nearest organic food store, where they often visited the Princess Diana. The actress was dressed rather inconspicuously – it was simple boots, black jacket and covered her head with a hat. Markle filled two large grocery bags of goods and headed to Kensington Palace. On this basis, foreign publications have speculated that the 35-year-old actress is settled in the residence of the Royal family.

      For the past few weeks, foreign media literally threw queries press office of the Royal dynasty to get a comment about the relationship of the heir to the throne.

      “Last week, the media crossed the line. Girlfriend of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle became the object of moral harassment. Many of these statements were published on the front pages of Newspapers. In all these notes and articles, social media, the comments contained blatant sexism and racism. Some incidents were hidden from the public…Prince Harry is concerned about the safety of miss Markle and deeply disappointed that were not able to protect her. Fundamentally wrong that a few months after the relationship with him miss Markle became the object of such a rapid interest in her person. He knows many will say that this is “the price that she must pay” and “part of the game.” He categorically disagree. It’s not a game – it’s life, hers and his,” says the official statement from Kensington Palace.

      Even before the official confirmation of the novel, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle press suggested that is not far off engagement lovers. As informs edition Daily Mail, now the actress took time out from filming the popular American television series “Force majeure” to spend time with the chosen one.