Fiance Sasha Project gave her a car for a few million

Жених Саши Project подарил ей авто за несколько миллионов The man took the actress a generous gift. Sasha Project won the car of a representative class. Beloved singer pleased her the day of the premiere of the new video. The singer still can’t believe happy events in my life.

Last year, the singer Sasha Project talked about the fact that he was going to legalize the relationship with her partner Sergei. So far, however, the lovers did not find time to go to the registry office and throw a big celebration. However, the fans hope that soon the artist will share with them plans for marriage.

Recently beloved Sasha made her truly generous gift. He gave her an expensive luxury car. Now, the singer will drive through the roads of Moscow in a black Mercedes. The actress is very pleased with the gift.

He gave an expensive gift to the Duchess in honor of the presentation of her new music video. For eight years the star of 2000-x was forced to leave the big stage. Fans were looking forward to her hits, and therefore were delighted with her work. The artist gathered his friends and relatives, to solemnly show video.

“I just still can’t believe that I have a car that I removed the clip that this is all happening to me. Soon I’m going to rest. So many surprises. For the presentation I came to support a lot of people. My man throws me with gifts, and the car is the most expensive of those that he did. I still believe, so I find it hard to Express their emotions. I got a nice shock from what is happening in my life,” – said Sasha “StarHit”.

In the music video “now I’m your” Sasha Project decided to show the bride’s morning. As planned, the main character wakes up in a hotel room, takes a bath and surrender to sweet dreams about the upcoming marriage. Many fans noted that the artist managed to create an incredible atmosphere. They attributed this to the fact that the singer is now waiting for the important day in your life and look forward to when you can congratulate your favorite performer with such an important day. And while fans write reviews on clip singer.

Sasha admitted to “StarHit” that are now in her repertoire will be dominated by only positive songs. According to her, she no longer intends to perform songs about unrequited love. Sasha Project: “the Father of my children abandoned us”