Жениха Ольги Бузовой уличили во лжи Sergei Naumov took part in the TV show “Married with Buzova”. However, before the DJ met with Daria Lukinoj victorious in the sixth season of the show “the Bachelor.” The man said that the girl deceived the organizers of the project to be a star. However, friends convinced Dasha: says it all journalists lie.
Жениха Ольги Бузовой уличили во лжи

Soon Olga Buzova will look for your love TV show — the shooting of the project “Marry Buzova” is now in full swing. One of the contenders for the heart of the 32-year-old TV star was the ex-boyfriend Daria Lukinoj — DJ Sergey Naumov. In a recent interview, the man said that his ex lied to the producers of “the Bachelor,” saying that I broke up with a guy. According to Naumov, together they had planned this scenario is to help Dasha to be on TV.

“She wanted popularity, I wanted to be a media person. We understand that there will be promotional offers, understand that there will be earnings some more, I wanted to buy an apartment. Build together, so I was released. But in the end everything turned out differently,” — says Sergey.

He also admitted that they had not only a joint life, but also the overall restaurant business in Sochi. Later, however, Dasha, announced that she owns this café, not to admit unemployment.

Sharp remarks about Lukinoj pissed off a friend of a girl who decided to defend the Dasha.

“Sergey says that Dasha was under his wing and protection. It is now called? When the man takes the girl’s money, when, she even had to sell a fur coat? When she had nothing left to live and rent an apartment? When he came to Dasha, couldn’t even afford to get a hotel room — she had to take him to her, and she at that time she lived with friends. When Dasha had the money, he took it and still not given! He may even say something about it?” — said friend Daria from Yekaterinburg.
Жениха Ольги Бузовой уличили во лжи

Recall Daria Lukinoj were contradictory rumors. According to some, she was making money on dates with men. “One fan even sent a photo in their underwear. And when he decided to throw his ex-lover was blackmailing merge pictures on the net. Luckily for her, just intimidated,” said a former friend of the model.

But as reported by a friend of Lukinoj edition Super, Sergei Naumov has said so many negative about Dasha, only a desire to be promoted and attract attention.