Жених Галины Ржаксенской изводит ее ревностью Finalist of “the Bachelor” should always be connected with her future husband. Galina Rzhaksinsky tries to please their partner and ensures that her phone was always available. Even being in a karaoke bar with her friends, she found where she was plugging in the discharge gadget.

      Жених Галины Ржаксенской изводит ее ревностью

      The finalist of the third season of the popular show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky, as we know, will soon marry his chosen one. A young man named Eugene girl has unveiled to his fans in December last year, published jointly with the beloved photo taken during the celebration of her birthday.

      Now the relationship of the couple is a real idyll. Galina and Eugene are enjoying each other’s company and try not to stay for long. But if young people are not together, then periodically call back. These periods survive all deeply in love couples. Galina Rzhaksinsky concerned that Eugene could reach her at any time and always keeps the phone handy and charged. On the eve of the beloved Galina let her go to have fun in a karaoke bar in the company of friends. The girl, fearing that her beloved did not get through due to the rarefied gadget, immediately found the bar in the socket, and instead indulge in fun, didn’t take his eyes off her phone.

      “Called, went out with the girls in the karaoke, and my phone died, and a beloved nervous,” shared with subscribers microblog Galina Rzhaksinsky.

      Apparently, the need to be constantly in touch with your chosen beauty Galina did not bother, but on the contrary, even happy, because she sees it as a manifestation of his love and care for her.

      By the way, beloved Galina Rzhaksinsky already managed to propose to her, not so long ago held a matchmaking. The bride and her parents hosted the home of the groom’s relatives and discuss the details of the wedding. So the finalist of “the Bachelor,” to the great disappointment of many fans of the reality show, and were not able to achieve reciprocity from Timur Batrutdinova, still managed to find happiness.

      Apparently, not far off the wedding and the winner of the third season of the show “the Bachelor”, a direct rival Galina Rzhaksinsky Daria Kaneohe. Daria Kanawha preparing for the wedding In the life of Kaneohe has a new Beau, which made the girl happy. The identity of the new darling Daria carefully hides from the public. Apparently, she doesn’t want to repeat the experience of relations with Timur by Batrutdinova when their every move was watched by thousands of people.

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