Fiance Catherine Barnabas tolerate her temper

Жених Екатерины Варнавы терпит ее крутой нрав The man took the character of the lady. Catherine Barnabas admits that she can make an issue out of nothing. The artist is happy, when Constantine Myakinkov not take seriously her whims and not offended.
Жених Екатерины Варнавы терпит ее крутой нрав

Last year star Comedy Woman Ekaterina Barnabas received an offer of marriage from her beloved, the dancer Konstantin Myakinkova. Despite the fact that the lovers have been together for four and a half years, they are in no hurry to set a wedding date. The Joker admits that she has difficult character, but because men have sometimes to endure her behavior and desires. However, he manages to approach the woman for a few years he had learned to react to her whims. Catherine Barnabas is preparing for her wedding with her lover

“Oh, Kostya had a hard time with me… First he did even a little bit afraid and felt bad — I’m very hard and demanding. In life, of course, that even a weakling. As a true lady, you can cheat themselves and to invent a problem from scratch. But Kostya with this understanding relates to this that I instantly feel ashamed for their behavior,” admitted Catherine.

Constantine understands that his beloved is a very emotional girl. Barnabas had said that he could shout, swear and gesticulate violently. The man tries not to respond to this, so just waiting for Catherine cool.

“Now I can write a book “1000 and 1 way to tame Kate Barnabas,” said the dancer.

Konstantin lucky to have met Catherine. He believes that any relationship should only bring joy. Actress Comedy fully agree with the chosen one. In her opinion, it was idyllic in a pair depends on the joint efforts.

“First and foremost, work on yourself. You need to be able to discuss issues with your partner and not turn minor omissions in bomb… More it is very important not to try to fix her man, and with it become better,” said Barnabas.

Celebrity it is nice that the chosen one will care about her health. Catherine admitted in an interview with now it has become another way to prioritize.

“I don’t look like a wound up bundle of nerves — has become more calm and balanced. Before, I slept for three hours a day — with the filming of the tour or immediately raced to meet her friends, sat with them until late at night, then go home for a NAP and at seven o’clock in the morning was in the salon for a manicure. Kostya for such a turbo mode are not satisfied, and since then I try more carefully to myself,” admitted the actress.