Фестиваль «Дикая мята – 2016»: обратный отсчет

One of the most prominent summer music festivals “wild mint” will be held this year near the town of Aleksin in the Tula region. Tens of thousands of people look forward to this event. Therefore, we begin the countdown.

To the cheerful summer festival there are only 25 days!

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What the success of “Wild mint”?

Why every year so many want to join the party? What is the secret? No wonder this event is included in the 50 most popular and beautiful festivals in the world… each year the festival brings together thousands of music fans who prefer to escape from the city towards nature and music. After all, the “wild mint” – this summer, the sun, nature and the three-day celebration of freedom and happiness! This stars and music, best friends and new friends, the wild dances and songs around the campfire, summer cinema under the open sky, colourful fire show, dozens of workshops and lectures.

Among the already registered participants “Wild mint – 2016” named groups such as “spleen”, 5’nizza, Mgzavrebi, IOWA, Alai Oli, Narimono Theophanes, Microguagua, The Wanton Bishops, Dubioza Kolektiv, Jukebox Trio, and many others.

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What to do at the festival?

Three summer days, three days to get as much time to attend dozens of concerts, meet interesting Ludim, lie in the hammock to try food from different cuisines of the world, have a great time with family and children for sports or playgrounds or even hot air balloon rides. And incorrigible shopaholics will be able to buy gifts for yourself or friends for atmospheric fair.

When: 24-26 June 2016.

Where: Bonario village, Aleksin district, Tula region.

Age restriction: 6+

Tickets: child ticket is purchased for children aged 6 to 12 years. Children under 6 years can enter the festival for free.

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