Fergie was experiencing hallucinations when on drugs

Ферги испытывала галлюцинации когда употребляла наркотики

Singer fergie, ex-member of the group Black Eyed Peace, admitted that he had hallucinations when he was on drugs. The artist herself has repeatedly said that he was taking drugs in adolescence before the start of a career, but now she shared details.

Ферги испытывала галлюцинации когда употребляла наркотики

“I wasn’t myself. I was suffering from psychosis and insanity. Due to drug abuse every day I have had hallucinations. Only a year later after I stopped taking illegal drugs, the hallucinations stopped, and my brain was normal again to think. Drugs — that was pretty fun, yet happens to me all of this. And I am thankful that it happened. Because it is my strength, my faith, my hope for the best,” recalls the singer.

She said fergie, she was very hard to part with drugs. “The drug was my boyfriend, with whom I was extremely difficult to leave,” says the singer.

The artist is not afraid to talk about unpleasant experiences and realizes that her side is not enough condemnation. But fergie believes that her story will help many other people who were in a similar situation.

Ферги испытывала галлюцинации когда употребляла наркотики

Fergie is really a strong woman, after all, could survive a divorce with her husband Josh Duanes after 80 years of marriage. It turned out, the couple decided to leave at the beginning of this year. They parted friends. Ex wife announced the news in an official statement to People magazine.

“We decided to part ways with love and respect for each other. It happened in the beginning of this year. To give the opportunity for our family to adapt to new circumstances, we decided to wait and not to share with the public. We will always be United and continue to support each other,” announced the pair.

The reasons for the breakup called the opposite of the characters singer and actor. At first, it drew but soon, the life of the stars went in different directions and they stopped seeing each other time.

“One of the main factors in the breakup of their relationship is that fergie and Josh are very different. First, it attracts them. However, they came from two completely different worlds and they want different things. In the end, their lives went in two opposite directions, they rarely spent time with each other, including for work,” says the insider.

So the girl told about the rule that the pair came up with, that would not give her son to feel deprived parents. It often helps spouses to be together and is son. “We have a rule of two weeks. We agreed how to proceed. For some time he goes on tour with me and looks after our son Excel, and then break. His work, and I already have him on set with Excel” admits the former soloist of the group “Black eyed peace”.

The first doubts about the integrity of marriage arose from the public when the couple became rarely appear in public together. They just posted pictures together on social networks, that would really not to stir up the speculation of fans.