Fergie talked about what it’s like to pretend she’s still with my ex

Ферги рассказала о том, каково это — притворяться, что она все еще вместе с бывшим

After 8 years of marriage, famous singer and former member of the group Black Eyed Peace and actor Josh Duhamel broke up, but before announcing it officially to the public — pretending to still be together. The couple appeared together in public, but exhibited photos in social networks, that would not create rumours. Fergie told what it’s like to pretend to be still together with your ex.

Ферги рассказала о том, каково это — притворяться, что она все еще вместе с бывшим

“To be honest, pretense became very strange to us because of all these romantic issues,” says 42-year-old singer’s edition of People on Tuesday. The girl felt embarrassed when, during album promotion Double Dutchess she asked questions about personal relationships. News about her romantic life prevailed over the news about a musical career.

A couple respects each other even after the breakup. They could not find the perfect time for what to say about the breakup. “We are good friends and love each other. We have reached the point when it got a little strange,” continues the girl, adding. “there is no perfect time, so we just decided to do it.”

Ферги рассказала о том, каково это — притворяться, что она все еще вместе с бывшим

Despite the fact that the girl decided to tell about the break exactly when it’s time to promoushen her new album, fergie continues to experience the stress of an awkward situation. “I do not know, you can ask him, but it was very awkward laugh, answering questions on a first date,” says the singer, laughing.

The only thing that the singer does not seem strange, is raising their son of Excel, who turned 4 years. “We just wanted to be alone (the school our son helped with that. We have a co-op, so Josh and I went there a couple of times before the school season. So I learned from the teachers and saw how the son behaves in a group of his friends and family. I helped them and served the Goodies and cleaned the plates. We had fun, broke away with all my strength and read the stories in their costumes. You fall in the sand and get dirty — I liked it. I love all of it.” says fergie.

About the break-up pair after 8 years of marriage it became known last week. “With boundless love and respect we decided to leave as a couple at the beginning of this year,” said the artists.The former spouses asked the fans of privacy, the safety of family and son.

People who knew the boys said that they live separate lives for a long time. “They live separate lives for a long time. She wants to be all the time on the road, while he wants a more peaceful life. They broke up much earlier than we started to do something with it.” says the insider.