Ферджи поделилась трогательным фото маленького сына
The singer told us about the best gift for his birthday.

Ферджи поделилась трогательным фото маленького сына



Photo: Instagram.com

Fergie, who celebrated his 43rd day
birth, published a picture of adorable son Axl. 4
year old dressed up for mom holiday: this photo he
posed in the costume of your favorite hero Harry Potter.

The boy, dressed in the robes of a student of Hogwarts, with magic wand in hand and a scar in the form
zipper painted on his forehead, looks
very funny. Especially touching looks at him “adult” bow tie
it, apparently, had to borrow from the wardrobe of Josh Duhamel, who
while still listed as husband Faridi.

“My son is the most wonderful gift that I
have ever received!” — signed the singer to the frame. And in an interview
Fergie gave recently, she said: “Although Excel only 4 years old, he is already “cool”
like his father. To me it is similar not so: I most of the time it happens
serious. And Axl all the time laughing…”

Recall that Fergie’s getting a divorce
Josh, with whom she lived in wedlock about 9 years. Moreover, as admitted
singer, the initiator of the divorce was not her, and Duhamel. But Fergie was not thinking about
divorce, on the contrary, she wanted to give birth to his another child.