Fergie and her husband decided to leave

Ферджи и ее муж решили расстаться
Western tabloids reported the news about the breakup of the famous singer and ex-member of the group The Black Eyed Peas Fergie and her husband actor Josh Duhamel.

Ферджи и ее муж решили расстаться

The couple was considered one of the strongest couples in show business, but in their relations there has come crisis. It looks like everything will end in divorce.

“We decided to part ways with love and respect for each other. It happened in the beginning of this year. To give the opportunity for our family to adapt to new circumstances, we decided to wait and not to share with the public. We will always be United and continue to support each other,” the couple shared with reporters.

Yet the reasons for the disagreements were not disclosed, but this news really upset the fans of the stars.

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