Fergie admitted that she wanted left her husband’s child

Ферджи призналась, что хотела от бросившего ее мужа ребенка
The singer still can’t accept the divorce.

Ферджи призналась, что хотела от бросившего ее мужа ребенка



Josh Duhamel son


Former soloist of
The Black Eyed Peas Fergie does not
can come to life after a painful breakup with her husband. Recently, during the show, telling
about her divorce, she was unable to hold back the tears. Although initially everyone thought
what is a popular singer left her husband-actor Josh Duhamel,
it turned out that it was just the opposite: he went from Fergie. Moreover, as
it turned out she wanted to give birth to his another child and planned to do
it is this year.

admitted Fergie, some time before the collapse of their marriage, the singer, who is not
had a presentiment of the catastrophe that directly hinted to Josh that he would like to fill
the composition of their family. But she had to postpone the plan. The fact that she
at the time, began working on a new album and was afraid it wouldn’t give her
to concentrate on child-bearing and child birth.

“I remembered how
it was when our son was young: I went to the Studio to work
tormented by remorse that I “give less” attention to our baby… I don’t
wanted history to repeat itself. I decided to consult with her husband. And he told me
replied: “I do not doubt, work and yet not think of anything else…” — said the singer.

Fergie thought
then the husband showed concern for her and their offspring. But it turned out that he already
then planned to divorce her… As it turned out, he has long been “put a cross”
on their marriage. “Yes, we decided to leave. But the truth is, all sorts
questions about my romantic relationship with Fergie has long seemed to me
pretty wild. I have long been accustomed to assume that I and she is just old
friends…” — the actor has commented on the decision to divorce. Unlike singer, Josh did not seem too concerned
about and not alone. Even in the days when they were, like, happily
married, not just to spread rumors about his dalliances on the side.