Feofilaktova spoke about the numerous infidelities Guseva

Феофилактова заговорила о многочисленных изменах Гусева The star of “House-2” has frankly told about the problems with her ex-husband. According to Eugenia, she really wanted to keep the family together, but are unable to accept the fact that her husband began to have Affairs on the side.

      Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev said about divorce about a month ago. Admitted as spouses, they have not lived together for about two months. Eugene claims that he moved with his son Daniel to another place in mid-September. According to her, the novel of Anton with Victoria romanet is not the only case of betrayal by her ex-husband. Feofilaktova assumes that the husband began to look on the side of those emotions that couldn’t get in the family much earlier. Anton Gusev is diluted with Eugenia Feofilaktova for Victoria romanet

      “Did the infidelity of the husband is not chaos? Of course, I did not catch Anton’s hand, can not say hundred percent, but there is a possibility that husband started Dating romanet being married. Moreover, maybe she’s not his first. I can say that I’m not responsible, I had a family, and to Anton, apparently, wanted something else. Most importantly, so he did not regret that I left the family fortune for a passing fancy,” said Eugene.

      As claimed by the ex-participant reality show, she did not hold a grudge against ex-husband and wishes him only happiness with your new beloved. However, it is frustrating that his relationship with Victoria romanet Anton became less likely to see his son. According to the woman, dad goes to see Daniel only once a week. “I’m a little bothered that I didn’t save family for the child,” admits Jack, but notes that they are unable to forgive my husband.

      By the way, Gusev otherwise is the situation. According to Anton, Jack forbids him to see my son. Recently, the father was not allowed to attend the birthday party of the heir, and also spoke against the fact that he took Daniel to the second child’s party. Anton Gusev wife: “Jack, why do you deprive my son?”

      Feofilaktova, however, do not despair. Eugene believes that in the future she will meet someone that will be able to find happiness. However, is that Eugene has no plans to meet with the men, though courting her wealthy admirer. “I’m not going to rush into a new relationship, and all my time is spent raising her son and working,” said Jack in an interview with “House-2”.