Фелисити Хаффман почти счастлива, спустя 3 недели после освобождения из тюрьмы

Фелисити Хаффман почти счастлива, спустя 3 недели после освобождения из тюрьмы

Felicity Huffman, seemed to be in a good mood, leaving the center of the “Teen project”, continuing her community work, ordered by the court.

Material November 17 to see the smile on my face felicity Huffman, 56 years old, when she left the center, in which she undergo corrective work. We will remind, the court awarded felicity 250 hours of community service. The actress was released from prison on 25 October, and since then she has devoted all its time to perform the remaining part of the sentence for participation in the scandal of bribery. According to the official web site of the nonprofit organization, actress of the series “When they see us” out of The Teen center Project, the organization that supports young women who are at risk of becoming homeless and victims of sexual trade. Felicity, who was dressed in casual clothes for the service, was spotted when leaving the centre, carrying a container full of what seemed to be cupcakes and two other bags.
The star of Desperate Housewives really made community work a priority since her release from prison. Felicity had previously been seen in the centre on 3 November, in a similar casual clothes and another bag full of sweets. Currently there is no information about the work that felicity performs under its public works, but looks like it will be the center for much longer than prescribed in the conditions of the court. Apparently, what happened to her, forced her to look at many everyday things for her under a radically different angle.

Before you begin to perform public work, felicity stayed in prison for 11 of 14 days for participation in criminal history with the College. The actress has been paid to the clerk of the College changed the SAT scores of his little girl for fifteen thousand dollars. Felicity pleaded guilty as charged and was subsequently sentenced to prison, 250 hours of community service and pay a fine in the amount of thirty thousand dollars for her criminal offense. While the actress is still a long way to go, she finally feels “back a” and incredibly happy. She is thankful to be back on the right path and definitely have reviewed their position in life, which had up to this story. Felicity feels that the worst is over, she knows that at the moment she has a new life, — has told one close actress in an exclusive interview with one of the popular media on 5 November.
“Felicity was incredibly lucky, in some sense. Because the test works bring her incredible pleasure. Center “the Teenage project” is actually her absolutely nothing new. She had worked there several times in the past. It has always been a philanthropist and has supported dozens of charities over many years, so she really sees this as a positive experience,” continued the insider.

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