Ноги жены Кончаловского вызвали приступ зависти у интернет-пользователей

Actress Love Tolkalina lives in harmony with each other. This is displayed as its emotional state and appearance. Love it looks great, it blooms and happy with their kind of fans.

Tolkalina microblogging in Instagram is full of interesting shots, each of which gathers a lot of positive reviews.

New publication wife Yegor Konchalovsky was no exception. On the eve of Love posted on the social network a picture in which she, exposing your slender and tanned legs, looks into the distance.

“I Admire You, Luba!!! (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. – Approx. ed.)”, “Oh! as if the wind blew, the PLANK!!😊😊”, “Sea cloud woman”, “Simply the most beautiful…”, “You are special, seriously!”, “Like A Mermaid!👍”, “Like a bird on a branch!☺”, “Fantastic woman!” “because it is impossible to be beautiful such”, “what a beauty this girl… Always admire it.🌷”, – praise Tolkalina inspired by commentators, and some add that envy slender legs actress and wonder, “where can I get those?”.

By the way, Love recently commented on the ever-emerging rumors about her breakup with Konchalovsky. Tolkalina admitted that they have long ceased to pay attention to it, because it’s wasting energy: “I think a lot of what for other people might look savagery, for my husband a long time ago has become the norm. We do not distract on any nonsense, honestly. Who, with whom, where, when… I understand that everyone is very curious why he came to the movies with a stranger. The novel? Novel! And she came out with the cavalier. Love at first sight! But we have long been interested in wasting energy each other on stupid rumours”.

We will remind, Egor and Love living in the so-called civil marriage for nearly 20 years, has a daughter Mary.