Чувства, откровения и соперничество участниц перед финалом «Холостяка» Ilya Glinnikov have to make a difficult decision. The actor will have to choose just two girls who will wear wedding outfits in the final series of the project. “StarHit” asked Lesya Ryabtseva, Madina Tamboy, Ekaterina Nikulina and Snjezana Samokhina, what emotions they experience, the day before the ceremony of the roses.

From March 11, every Saturday at 21:30 viewers of channel TNT was glued to the TV screens, as they waited for the next series of most romantic show “the Bachelor.” The main character of the fifth season of the program was the star of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. For the heart of a 32-year-old handsome guy came to fight 25 girls. However, after the first meeting ten contestants went home, and the others flew to the island of Sri Lanka.

Throughout the project the girls tried to prove himself and watched the bachelor to understand whether they will be able to create with him strong family. And Ilya tried to be a gentleman and arranged a date to participants that each of them feels like a Queen.

The last of the series were three participants – Oriental beauty Madina Tumova, the journalist Lesya Ryabtseva and art Director of the cafe Ekaterina Nikulina. However, they were joined by another girl – Snejana Samokhina. Apparently, the actor decided to give himself and her another shot. “StarHit” learned what kind of emotions overwhelm the participants before the final rose ceremony.

Lesya Ryabtseva

On the very first meeting Ilya Glinnikov immediately identified Lesya Ryabtseva from all participants. Thanks to their insight, the actor immediately identified that her work is somehow connected with constant communication with people. Les admitted that he works as a journalist. Initially young people been wary of each other, but after Dating in Dubai and conversation with eye to eye, everything changed. Les admits that Elijah is interested in and hopes to reach the final.

“Ilya is a wonderful man: kind, educated, cheerful, family. The actors seem to me to be arrogant, boastful and looped on his person, I don’t really favor, but Ilya was not so, – admitted Ryabtseva. – He’s gallant, modest, educated and very talented. And sometimes even shy. In a man it’s hard not to fall in love.”

Les positions himself as someone who will not turn a blind eye to unacceptable, in her opinion, the behavior of others. She did not hesitate with the first series to defend their views and sometimes even argue with other members. Ryabtseva said that came to the project not to be friends with someone of the girls.

“I was not as rivals from the beginning, not at the end. I is a unique storehouse of jokes, insight, wisdom, courage. I am self-sufficient and unique as every girl on the project”, – said the participant.

She Lesya gives the impression the “right” girl: she always says frankly what he thinks and doesn’t suffer from bad habits. “The main idea is to live simply, think sublimely. I’m a vegetarian, do not drink, not smoke, not gamble, not having sex with different partners,” – said Ryabtsev “StarHit”. The controversial star of “the Bachelor” Les riabtseva: “Sex? It was hard for me to control myself”

The day before the final rose ceremony, the girl admitted that still can’t imagine Elijah as a suitor, because he believes that wedding is a very serious matter.

Madina Tamova

The first appearance of the girls immediately remembered Ilya Glinnikov. Madina came on a white horse accompanied by his brothers. The young men immediately made it clear that will not allow the bachelor to hurt her. The actor has promised to respect Eastern beauty.

Despite the fact that many girls were ready at the first opportunity to fall into the arms of brown-eyed actor, Tamova kept her distance and barely allowed to touch it. Glinnikov with respect to its views on the development of relations between a man and a woman. At the end of the project, told the girl that feels the day before the last ceremony of the roses. Participant of “the Bachelor,” Madina Tomova: “Ilya told me that the anti-vulgarity”

“We girls love to dream, but before you choose a companion for a long trip, it is necessary to know. And I want to start to know a person not under the gun cameras, but in real life,” admitted Medina.

Ekaterina Nikulina

Almost from the very beginning of the project, Kate has let know that will win the attention of a bachelor by any means. Despite the fact that other participants were quite sensitive to their rivals, Catherine used every chance to make an impression on Elijah. Glinnikov could not assess the persistence of the girl.

Catherine has never hid the fact that the main incentive to go to the project for her was the desire to find love and get married. Often their behavior it caused discontent of other participants, especially in group meetings. The girls didn’t like that Nikulin openly showed sympathy for Glinnikov.

“At the first meeting, looking Elijah in the eye, I saw a man with an extraordinary soul. His views on the world and beliefs were similar to mine. I found him a companion, a soul mate, a man with a capital”, – told the “StarHit” Catherine.

Snejana Samokhina

23-year-old girl arrived at his first meeting with the actor on a motorcycle. Her bright appearance could not leave indifferent Ilya. Later it turned out that Snjezana is a four year old son. The participant of the show was not afraid to take risks during the entire project. For example, on the first night she climbed to the roof followed Elijah, so that we could jump in the pool.

Glinnikov did not expect her to such a step, but concluded that with this girl he definitely will not be bored. Despite the image of the Amazon, Ilya was able to see her delicate and vulnerable soul. Snezhana chose to leave the project, but bachelor realized that they need to use another chance. In the previous series, he was again invited Samohina in the show to make final conclusions.

“Feelings for Ilya like climbing a mountain and then jumping off a cliff into the abyss, – so Snezhana described the relationship with the bachelor. – I’m not 18 years old, and in the early stages of the relationship when men are not present the house, tree and dog. Especially in such circumstances. I many times represented our relationship outside of the project, but why would they put us, don’t know.”