Подача навылет: теннисистка Анастасия Мыскина рассталась с мужем Former captain of the national team of Russia on tennis, one of the most titled sportswomen of the country, TV presenter and businesswoman Anastasia Myskina after 11 years of marriage, parted with the civil husband – officer and businessman Sergey Mamedov.
Подача навылет: теннисистка Анастасия Мыскина рассталась с мужем

36-Letnaya Nastya finished his brilliant career suddenly, ten years ago, and not being able to recover after a serious injury. While still in professional sport, Myskina tried himself in various guises, and later was a member of the popular show “Ice age”, worked as a presenter on the sports channel, and comment on tennis matches. But if his social activities, Myskina always told in detail and with pleasure, personal life concealed very carefully.

It is known that Myskina has long met with the player of the Kazan “AK Bars” (it’s a hockey club. if you do not know) – Alexander Stepanov, then – captain of hockey CSKA and Russian national team Konstantin Korneev, who, according to rumors, even Anastasia was going to marry, but the engagement at the last moment was cancelled. It was rumored also that her elder son – the child Korneev. However, the Anastasia repeatedly denied such rumours.

On civil marriage, Anastasia Myskina and Sergey Mamedov is little known. According to all those rumors, they were introduced by a mutual friend in 2006, the novel developed rapidly and soon young people began to live together. The wedding of Anastasia and Sergey, as they say, never played. However, together they raised three sons – 9-year-old Eugene, a 7-year-old George and 5-year-old Paul. That relationship is over, Anastasia Myskina made an official statement on the website hello.ru

“We came to this decision a few years trying to save a relationship and making this all possible. But all attempts were in vain – our life priorities and principles are more dispersed in different directions. In the end we both came to the conclusion that parting ways would be the best way out of this situation – in an open and honest thing for both of us. We remain close friends to each other, parents of three wonderful sons that will allow us to continue to maintain good relations and continue together to educate our children,” – said in a statement.

Specify Anastasia Myskina always sparingly commented on family matters, but willingly talked about their children often, stressing: “the children First, then spouse. I love him, but he is not offended. First the children, then he” – she said in an interview two years ago.