Fee daughter Zadornov in the shooting of a movie is kept secret

Гонорар дочери Задорнова за съемки в кино держат в секрете Lena made her debut in the film “Once in America, or Purely Russian tale.” This film was the last work of Mikhail Zadornov. The satirist wrote the script for a film. The daughter of comedian flew to Russia to join the team of actors.
Гонорар дочери Задорнова за съемки в кино держат в секрете

In the last years of his life, when Michaela Zadornov had already been diagnosed with cancer, he wrote the screenplay for the film “Once in America, or Purely Russian tale.” It was rumored that in the film, the comedian wanted to play the role of Donald trump. However, in the autumn of last year, Zadornov did not – he could not cure cancer, despite all doctors ‘ efforts and the support of loved ones.

It is now known that the film is his daughter, Lena Zadornov. 32-year-old girl living in Malta, but for the sake of work on the painting arrived in Russia. Reporters learned the details from the Director of a picture Dmitry Panchenko.

“After leaving the writer at the end of last year, we contacted Elena and asked her to play one of the roles. Lena and her mother Elena Bambina very long shot. And only recently agreed. Elena said that can fly by shooting only for a couple of days and then will be busy for school. She is now in Malta protects some scholarly work – whether in graduate school or in grad school, I did not specify. Before giving consent, Lena looked sent her a video – captured scene, the casting, the scenes involving her father. Said that she really like the songs in the film (we have musical Comedy). In the end that was our picture of the role of military adviser to women, who comes to the President of the United States and reports on how things are going,” shared the Creator of the film.

Гонорар дочери Задорнова за съемки в кино держат в секрете

According to the Director, the President of the country, which in the film resembles the States, but called The Helluva lot of Democratic Autonomy, played by actor Sergey Dorogov of the “Six frames”. Lena Zadornov has a mild nature, so it was hard to get used to the display the image of the aggressive lady.

Гонорар дочери Задорнова за съемки в кино держат в секрете“We had her whole role is to withdraw in one day. Lena started acting at 7 in the morning and finished after midnight. For the role we have changed. Lena’s character is very soft and intelligent. Came to us from Malta so relaxed and peaceful, like from another life. Heard he’s still practicing yoga. And we for the film needed was a cold woman. So we tried from the Lena to do if not bitch, rather aggressive Damu”, – said Dmitry.

The girl was not special requirements and rider: she ate the same as other members of the crew, and did not complain of fatigue. In Malta Lena played in several TV series after graduating from the acting faculty, but the role in the film “Once in America, or Purely Russian tale” – its Russian debut.

Dmitry Panchenko shared that she was asked only to pay for the flights from Malta, but other preferences were expressed. However, the Director tries not to disclose the fee, which will be daughter Zadornov in the shooting.

“The amount may not speak. All amounts were very modest and sometimes symbolic…” – said Dmitry.

Presumably, the film will be released in mid-summer. “Shooting is finished, it now remains to dominirovali. Waiting in the summer Elena and family Zadornov Mikhail Nikolayevich on the preview version of our film” – said Panchenko “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.