Fedor Smolov married in three years

Федор Смолов женится через три года The astrologer gave a forecast for the talented footballer. After breaking up with Victoria and lopyrevoy athlete began to make startling progress in his career. According to the prediction, CSKA Moscow a few years will delight fans of the brilliant game.

      Федор Смолов женится через три года

      Striker of FC “Krasnodar” CSKA Moscow became the first Russian player since 1998, who managed to score 20 goals in Russian Premier League. Luck in sports caught up with Theodore after one year after defeat on the love front, in may 2015, the model Victoria Lopyreva announced with Fedor parting. The astrologer Lily Lyubimov predicted the future of the athlete.

      “Theodore there is still some very favorable years of sports, – says the astrologer. – After a couple years he wants to draw attention to his person. Also he will reach for the opening to discover new horizons, experience the. The next three years Smolov will be able to realize their ambitions. But there is a high probability that after this happy period, it will become difficult, and after that his sports career could go into decline. In four years it will be a difficult situation, constraints, personal and traumatic. It should therefore be especially careful to try to avoid unwise risks, impulsive outputs, despite the fact that his profession sometimes assumes such moments. However, another indicator reports that Fedor can successfully overcome all barriers and obstacles. In his case, the decline is not a definite retirement from the sport, and a difficult time period of life that will continue throughout the year. Such a strong-willed, purposeful man has all the chances to cope with all the problems if he set a goal for a long time to play sports and pursue a career. This striker has a powerful internal potential, which gives the planetary stellium in Capricorn with six planets of the 12). To date, we have to observe his successful performances and beautiful playing.

      Федор Смолов женится через три года

      Fedor it is necessary to pay special attention to the musculoskeletal system and bone tissues. Because he is a connection of Mars with Uranus, influencing the speed, reflexes, quick decision making, it helps him on the field. However, in ordinary life this feature probably causes outbreaks of rage, aggression. But he’s a professional, so it can guide her in the right direction.

      Fedor is not always satisfied with the amount of public attention, but needs it constantly, it’s his subconscious need, accompanied by a fear of being in a certain point, not up to par. Another important emotional feature – the desire to be in a relationship with a good, reliable partner. Despite the strong terrestrial indicators, it is stable in habits. As for love, he is long accustomed to the woman, not immediately revealed, and in the case of relations, can not quickly switch. However, currently a player of FC “Krasnodar” is a quick bulkhead partners due to the fact that sex is an important component of his inner world.

      Because Fedor is very sensitive, touchy and vindictive, the parting with his lopyrevoy swiped at his self-esteem. He penetrated her deep enough. Smolov can’t forget those or other emotionally painful moments, especially from loved ones who were let into my life, although it may hide their feelings under a mask of friendliness, generosity, giving the impression partying and flashing money. It mixed vodoleyskaya the sun and the moon in Leo provides a deep level, implying all of the above characteristics.
      Fedor is getting married in three years. When a person with such parameters makes the precise, the specific choice of the partner, it gives him a reason to calm down, it ceases to be polygamous and has the potential to become a good, faithful husband. Marriage in this case will be long and very strong, though not early.
      This year promises to be a relatively favorable dynamic for the player, though after a few months it expects “the Appeal of the Black moon”. At this time, people emotionally difficult, so I would recommend to friends and family, as well as the coach of FC Krasnodar to support it during this period. The expectation of this time is autumn. This process does not entail any complex problems at the event level. However, the sensory level within the “Arrival of the Black moon” people are unhappy with themselves, their lives, experiences dissatisfaction, the desire for drastic changes and can drop everything, to go a different way, to take a hasty decision.

      For the New year Fedor will be easier. I would not recommend him to go during the holidays to distant countries, followed by long flights in the period from 19 December to 8 January.”

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