Федора Смолова затравили из-за нереализованного пенальти Team Russia, unfortunately, missed the world Cup semi-finals, losing to athletes from Croatia. This match was a real test for Fedor Smolov, which many were dissatisfied. According to spectators, it is the mistake of the football player during a penalty kick decided the outcome of the game.
Федора Смолова затравили из-за нереализованного пенальти

July 7 the Russian team were defeated: the team failed to reach the semifinals of the world Cup, losing to Croatia on penalties. And if most of the athletes received a huge amount of support in his address, Fedor Smolova had to listen to a lot of negativity about the missed penalty. Player, spoiled with attention from the press, somehow, was accused of excessive posturing and unwillingness to fight for victory until the last.

Needless to say that Fedor was very upset by his mistake. He could not leave the scene of the game, his eyes were full of tears. The stadium slowly emptied, and he still sat motionless in the middle of the field. This photo is from lonely Smolov suddenly spread through all the social networks. The frame displays all the pain experienced by the Russian fans, who witnessed the defeat of the national team.

“Do not disavow responsibility for the penalty kick. I want to say only that in my head now the words of Michael Jordan, said after his retirement: “I am many thousands of times was taken to strike a decisive throw. And often not implemented”. I’m sure I will be able to extract much from this situation,” said the striker.
Федора Смолова затравили из-за нереализованного пенальти

For Smolov interceded celebrities, including Ksenia Sobchak. She was angered by the fact that Fedor in an instant became the anti-hero.

“I hate it when baiting starts. When from love to hate one step. Do not mistake the one who does nothing and sits at home on the couch with a beer. But in football and in life it is better to be sibusiso player than a lucky fan. I think Fedor Smolov this championship was a real psychological shock. Best player of the team at the start, all the advertising contracts and cover it and suddenly the whole championship, he not manifest itself, and put it in stock. If Cherchesov has released its a crucial match in the middle, it is necessary to assume that training, he continued to show brilliant results, but battles such as yesterday ,is first and foremost a battle of will and character. Not everyone can withstand. But intolerance of someone else’s mistake is the most unpleasant feature of the person. Let us love not only the favorites of our team, but also those who are difficult,” — wrote in his microblog Ksenia and put the hashtag #Fedorov, which instantly brought together all those who consider it necessary to Express words of encouragement to the attacker.

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The national team of Russia in his Instagram was supported by Alla Pugacheva. Diva thanked the players for a great game.

“Losing sometimes and winning. Thank you to our children for hope and faith in the Russian football!” — posted by Pugachev in the social network.