Федор Смолов отдыхает в ночном клубе Сен-Тропе после незабитого пенальти Fedor Smolov was considered one of the main hopes of the last world Cup, but the latter not only brought victory, but failed to score a goal during a decisive penalty. After the match, many colleagues of the athlete chose to relax in Russia, and Fedor is to fly to Saint-Tropez.
Федор Смолов отдыхает в ночном клубе Сен-Тропе после незабитого пенальти

The world Cup ended a few days ago, but football fans still bitterly remember the penalty, Fedor Smolov, who has largely become decisive in the defeat of Russian national team against Croatia. And although the 28-year-old athlete has apologized to fans, many did not believe in the sincerity of his words.

Almost immediately after the match, the striker went to Saint-Tropez. In order not to attract the attention to rest on one of the most expensive resorts in the world, Smolov chose not to publish the pictures in his microblog.

That Fedor recuperating in the South of France said leading Anna Lvova, who was faced with the player on the Cote d’azur.

Федор Смолов отдыхает в ночном клубе Сен-Тропе после незабитого пенальти

It is noteworthy that almost all athletes of the team chose to stay in Russia, but Smolov is to spend time in night clubs, which is famous for a port town.

Fedor is a frequent guest in the elite club “Les Caves du Roy”, which translated into Russian means “Royal cellar”. Located in a prestigious hotel establishment one of the ten best clubs in the world and for thirty years was considered the most incendiary on the Riviera. Trendy place has long been popular with Hollywood celebrities, Arab sheiks, and all those who are willing to write off credit card indecent a round sum: a minimum of 30 000 euros for a bottle of champagne and 26 Euro for a bottle of water.

“Met him a week ago. Partying and drinking champagne at a VIP table at “Les Caves du Roy”, what else is there to do. Was with the company and, it seems, with their guards,” said the “StarHit” Anna Lvova.
Федор Смолов отдыхает в ночном клубе Сен-Тропе после незабитого пенальти

Not without incident – during the holidays, according to Anna, the footballer was approached by a compatriot, who tried to make a claim due to missed penalty. Russian fans were so upset with the defeat of the national team that the meeting with the striker almost ended in a brawl.

“One of the disgruntled fans right in the night club trying to figure out a relationship with him, shouting the obscene. Fortunately, all went well. It is difficult to imagine how long the echoes of a Championship will haunt him,” said the city.

Anna also noted that Theodore often spends time in the hookah, which is not very much welcome in the world of sports. On the eve of the Championship, the Russian football Union in a special memo forbade the team to use drugs, exotic teas, to smoke Shisha and to enjoy drugs for weight loss.

Fedor Smolov made fun of because of the missed penalty

However, career Smolov is still in question. Rumor has it that the striker may enter into a contract with “the Locomotive. In addition, management of the Krasnodar club has already approved the transfer of the striker to the other team.