Fedor Konyukhov made a tour around the world with Tsiganova

Федор Конюхов  совершил кругосветку с Цыгановой
The famous traveler admitted that the songs of the singer he found strength in flight.

Федор Конюхов  совершил кругосветку с Цыгановой

To hold his friend and idol of the 90s Vick Tsyganov on
the presentation of her collection “Imperial style” came from the famous traveler. It is unusual to see Fedor Konyukhov at a fashion show in
the framework of the fashion week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. But the wanderer, who made a circumnavigation in a balloon,
explained his sudden appearance in
hotel “Metropol”. “I admire Vika Tsiganoi, I
big fan and loyal friend
grooms says. — Songs I
inspire, give strength and give you excellent emotions. I confess that in the world in the cabin of the ball I got only two cartridges — Vicki Tsiganova
and Vladimir Vysotsky, so the flight was pleasant.”

Recall, Vick Tsyganov, finally realized his dream. She became
designer, launching a collection of clothes
“Imperial style” brand TSIGANOVA.

“I find inspiration
in architecture, in Russian churches, cathedrals. Because this beauty is unique.
One thing to look at prefabricated house, the other at Russian monasteries, temples and
divine services in the temples occur. All of this majestic, beautiful, and
directs the soul to spiritual heights, says Tsyganov. — I’m very happy,
the presentation of my collection will be that the world of high fashion noticed
on my work. To present my clothes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is for me
event. More people will see the beauty created by my
quilters, embroiderers and me.”

Vika Tsyganova was first announced myself as a designer in 2004
year by arranging a private screening for a narrow circle of guests in the hotel “Metropol”.
Preparation of the collection “Imperial style” and left a few years: now Vika
is own brand TSIGANOVA at the Russian fashion week.