Fedor Dobronravov noticeably thinner

Федор Добронравов заметно похудел The famous actor has returned to work after suffering a stroke. On Saturday, Fedor Dobronravov appeared on stage in a performance of the native theatre of satire. Viewers noticed that the actor lost a lot of weight.

In early spring, in mid-March, artistic Director of the Moscow theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt reported that the actor Fyodor Dobronravov urgently hospitalized. “It happened in Sergiev Posad, today he went to Moscow and for a couple of days going into a clinic for examination,” said town. Later came the exact information, 56-year-old Fyodor Viktorovich suffered a stroke, he underwent surgery.

Fyodor Dobronravov was banned from performing due to attack

Colleagues, friends and fans wished the actor speedy recovery and was closely followed by news. After surgery, doctors advised the actor for some time to refrain from rehearsals and filming, the leadership of the Satire theatre was forced to cancel or replace the theatre with Dobronravov. And now, after little more than a month, the artist returns to the stage. On Saturday, Fedor Viktorovich came on the scene the premiere of performance “Where are we?” where Dobronravov played together with Alexander Shirvindt and Alexander Oleshko. The performance was attended by the famous Director and actress Svetlana Druzhinina and right after posted a photo to Instagram, under which he thanked for the art and noted that Dobronravov is in perfect health.

“Yesterday I was at the show in the theater of Satire. Bravo! Crazy joy it was to see our beloved and dear Fyodor Dobronravov in good health! Will live happily ever after and take care of yourself!”, – written by Svetlana Druzhinina.

On the theatre’s website has the video from the performance, which is audible, some loud applause greeted the audience Fyodor Dobronravov on the scene after a forced break.

“And we are glad to see you up and about Fyodor Dobronravov, all health!”, “Don’t cheer Our dear matchmaker!”, “We are viewers and fans of the actor Fyodor Dobronravov wish you health and new roles and if you can let them take care of themselves,” responded an Internet subscribers to the good news from Svetlana Druzhinina. However, some viewers noticed that Fedor Viktorovich decently thin. However, few hospital food has added extra weight.