Федор Добронравов: «После драки сыновей приходилось зашивать их в Склифе» The actor revealed family secrets in the program “Relish”. For cooking vegetable soup Fedor Dobronravov told how to fight his sons in his youth.
Федор Добронравов: «После драки сыновей приходилось зашивать их в Склифе»

The actor of theatre of Satire Alexander Ilyin was a guest of Ivan Urgant in the program “Smak” on the First channel. Fyodor Viktorovich cooked vegetable soup recipe of his mother and lobio with walnuts. For cooking, the actor said, as removed as producer his film “Lived” in a remote village in Leningrad region with a Novel by Mardanovym and Irina Rozanova in the lead roles and also revealed some family secrets.

Theodore two sons, Victor and Ivan, who, like their father, became successful actors. Dobronravov is very proud of the children, the fact that they have a lot of work, however, complains that rarely sees them and his granddaughters Barbara and Victoria, daughters of the eldest son Victor.

On the questions whether the children bickering and fighting in his youth, Fyodor Viktorovich answered in the affirmative. Moreover, the actor admitted that sometimes the sons fought so much that he had to take them to the hospital to reverse the effects of the skirmishes is to sew up the lacerations.

“Of course I was. Well, I drove in sklif and sewed. That’s all… – he told the actor – Now family dinners are difficult to organize because children have a lot of work. On the one hand, it’s nice, the other becomes annoying, because the grandchildren I will not see. Especially the younger, Vasilisa, shies away. Barbara, she’s a big, manages to remember me,” – said Fedor Dobronravov.

Fedor Dobronravov happily married to childhood friend Irina. Their oldest, their son Victor is 35, the youngest van – 28. Fyodor Viktorovich kind to his close-knit family and in every interview speaks affectionately about his wife and children. Here and in the program “Smak” Dobronravov said he Irina knows how to cook everything and try to give the Urgant tomatoes in own juice, which his wife had prepared specially for the broadcast.

In mid-March, Fedor Dobronravov felt unwell and was immediately hospitalized. About it the press said the artistic Director of the Moscow theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt, stating that Fedor vascular problems: “It happened in Sergiev Posad, today he went to Moscow and for a couple of days going into a clinic for examination,” said town. Dobronravov had a stroke and he underwent surgery.

Fyodor Dobronravov was urgently operated on

But, it is reported that on the days he was discharged from the hospital, now the actor is feeling better already and is on outpatient treatment. However, doctors recommends him to take time off from rehearsals and filming to complete recovery. Aired the program “Relish” was recorded and filmed long before these events. The appearance of I on the screen has caused confusion in social networks.